Mid January, 1941

Saturday, January 11th, 1941

We worked all day today.  The bosses were out so Ruth, Emmy, and I ate lunch together.  Even had wine with our dinner. We were silly and had fun all afternoon (we worked too).  Jakey came up to the office about 4:45 and we had supper together and went to see “Flight Command: and “Michael Shyme, Private Detective.”  Took the bus home. We listened to the radio until 1:30. Peach says he wakes up in the morning looking for me. I said that I hope I’ll be there someday and he said “You will.”

Oh?  Well, then why not do it already?!  I know, he “would if he could” but he can’t, yet.  I’m still trying to piece out why he’s stalling and I’m reminded how it was a bit rocky leading up to (finally!) my engagement.  I think the cliche is that women really want it done right but it seems to me it’s always the man trying to make sure it’s the exact right time and done exactly right.  They seem to be more romantic about it than us!  I find it very sweet, and infuriating.

Sunday, January 12th, 1941

By 3:00 Jakey and I got ready to go to Nat’s.  We met Stretch and Nat and Zosh and went to Eddie’s to his farewell party.  There were about 20 of us including Johnny Lech, Frank Adamscyk, and John Czechowiz,  We had dinner and drinks, played games and took pictures. When we were leaving JL asked me for advice and a hug, so I did both and kissed him on the cheek.  Peach started off grand but developed a headache. We got to my house about 11:00 and he stayed till almost one, sleeping on the couch.

And there are pictures!

jan 12 1941 ed


jan 12 1941 ed b

I love how this picture is giving me Hitchcock!  But no, it is Eddie, man of the hour.  This is his send off to the military and they certainly gave him a good one.  Look at this center piece:

jan 12 1941 center

jan 12 1941 zoshjan 12 1941 zosh bjan 12 1941 siblingsjan 12 1941 siblings b

Here are pictures of Eddie with the people that care about him most.  In the first picture is his girl Zosh and in the second are his siblings.  I noticed that Adele is wearing a flag pin.  It looks by all accounts to be a wonderful lively night but oh how they must have been worried about him leaving and not ever returning to them.

Here is the rest of the crowd:

jan 12 1941 natJan 12 1941 nat bjan 12 1941 girlsjan 12 1941 girls bJan 12 1941 four boysjan 12 1941 our boys bjan 12 1941 boysjan 12 1941 boys b

It seems that Babu did not know the names of everyone there.  Here is a image of one of the mystery men, the one with the last name “Chmiel?”

jan 12 1941 guy

Tuesday, January 14th, 1941

Last night I read in bed and about 11:00 I discovered Dad had put a hot water bottle in my bed.  It was effective and when I tried to pick it up it burst. Got Mom out of bed and she helped me change the bed clothes.  It was so cold I woke up several times. We had movies at meeting tonight and then went bowling. Got a ride home from Eleanore Hamilton or would have frozen walking.

When I first read this passage, I must confess to a bit of a Babu eye roll.  Why did she need to wake up her mother to help her change the sheets?  Then I realized, their house is not fully heated.  It’s not like it is now with radiators in every room.  But this place is large and drafty.  I cannot imagine being here without heat.    (I actually can, the heat has gone on the fritz a few times and it is not fun!) . So there she is, her father having done a thoughtful and kind gesture but now it’s freezing and everything is wet.  Ug! What a night.

Wednesday, January 15th, 1941

Practiced tonight.  About 8:30 Jake came over.  We talked for a while and then shut all the doors leading to the kitchen, sat down by the stove, and played cards.  I beat Jake playing Honeymoon Bridge.” Then we put the lights out and relaxed in the moonlight. He left some time after 12.

Now the fact that they are always in front of the stove together makes much more sense.

Friday, January 17th, 1941

It rained and thawed after the snow and now it’s just slush.  Emmy brought some potato chips today that have flavors of onion, celery, and tamale.  Ernie is worried about paying an income tax of over 7.00. Washed my hair tonight and cleaned my room.  Wonder if tomorrow will be a little different.

I like writing about food when it mentioned.  It is like a historical study in itself.  I wrote about the kind of drinks she mentioned in this post here:

Retro Wednesday: Cocktails!

I wonder how these women would have reacted then if someone showed up with all the flavors, the not subtle flavors, we have now for chips.  Like with these foods and recipes no one makes anymore, like with the cars and the slang and the history, like a 7.00 income tax, I wish!, it’s a comforting thing to know how much things have changed but that people and relationships really haven’t.


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  1. I love how she always makes sure she gets a photo of everyone she knows at an event and takes the trouble to write their names down.

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    1. Me, too! Imagine, one day when I get to the end of this project I could research others as she left so much good information. ❤

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  2. I noticed how formally they are dressed for a house party. The men all wore dress shirts and ties, and the women all sat “properly” with their knees and ankles together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! They were looking good!

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