December, 1940

Sunday, December 15th, 1940

This afternoon Jake and I went skating and met Nat and her brother, Billy, Frank, Etc.  It was warm and even the ice was good.  Ate supper, which I prepared, and Peach washed the dishes.  Eddie, Zosh, and we saw “Trial of the Vigilantes” and “She Couldn’t Say No”.  Had ice cream and cake at Eddie’s for his birthday.  Jakey’s mother told me I was going to get an engagement ring for Christmas. Peach had it all picked out but was afraid he couldn’t get engaged because of the Flying Cadets.

Spoiler alert!  I can’t believe Jake’s mom told Babu about the ring and awwww and also, shucks!  Sorry, that passage was such a rollercoaster.  I wonder when Babu will actually get it, now that someone has jumped the gun and let the cat out of the bag.

Thursday, December 19th, 1940

Am getting caught up on my Christmas shopping.  We have an extra half hour for a few days.  Have received 3 Christmas cards already.  Tonight I addressed all of Mother’s and finished up mine.  Dad and Mom gave me another Christmas present-a sweet alarm clock for my room.  Dad put up the bookshelf he made for me.

The bustle of the holidays is evident here.  Its so sweet to read how they do things as a family.  I wonder if the shelf he made for her is still in this house.  It could be and I wish I knew.  How precious.

Saturday, December 21st, 1940

Ernie and I shopped.  Bought Jakey a Parker fountain pen and pencil set.  He didn’t come up till 7:30 and I was in a very quiet mood.  We drove to Hamden Ponds to the Young Republicans party.  Had a lot of trouble starting a fire.  There were so many people there.  “Fritz” Modeliwski and Helen ________are engaged.  When Jake heard, he called me out on the porch and gave me my gift, a gold and onyx ring and it’s beautiful.  He said:“You know I can’t just give you an engagement ring.  Don’t you think I want to ask you to marry me.”  We had great fun at the party.  If I didn’t discount what I heard from Gregor Orenburger, I certainly would think a lot of my self.  He thought I was wonderful.

Well there we go.  My heart broke.  (I also thought, watch out Jakey, because maybe this Gregor guy could giver her a ring!)

Monday, December 23rd, 1940

A good batch of cards awaited me when I came home tonight.  Among them was Jake’s.  I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t a little sentimental.  Attended choir rehearsal and spoke to Drobe for a few minutes.  Had better go to bed because Midnight Mass comes tomorrow.

Oh, the pressure of the holidays.


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