The Holidays, 1940

Wednesday, December 25th, 1940

Had to go to High Mass and Eddie and Zosh came home with me.  The Nat came.  We exchanged gifts and Stretch and Jake came.  We had a drink and went to Stretch’s, drank there, went to Eddie’s, drank and ate supper there, came to Jake’s had two or 3 drinks, then to Nat’s and last of all Zosh’s.  Jake and I drove them to the Ice Capades.  We stopped at Forest Park to see the scenes.  Ended up at Mt. Tom.  Fell asleep we were so tired.  But woke up and were bad.  Got home and to bed around one.

Now that’s a nice holiday, I’d say!  It would have been everything I could have wished for.

And there are lovely images:

dec 25 1940 adele

This is Adele Rumanowski, I’m guessing Eddie’s sister.  I guess Babu did not know the man’s name as all it had written on the back for him was a space and the last name Nowak.

dec 25 1940 babu and jake

I can’t.  I just can’t.  And the ring on her hand must be the ring he gave her.  And peep his socks!dec 25 1940 girl

Well, you guys enjoyed the random baby photo so here is a random young girl photo.  All it said on the back of this photo was the date and “Eddie Rumanowski’s house” so again I’m guess this must be his youngest sister?  Also, that tree is spectacular.  They clearly have no cats.

dec 25 1940 zosh and ed

This is Zosh and Eddie.  I cannot tell what they have in their lap.  Is it a radio?

And here the year ends:

Tuesday, December 31st, 1940

Woke up tired this morning.  Peached called one in the afternoon and said there were 16 of us going to The Peter Pan.  I wore my white gown and Jakey sent me gardenias for my hair.  Eddie Zimbia and Emily called for us and we met the gang at Helen Baron’s where we had a drink.  Got to the Peter Pan and had our dinner, drank, and welcomed in the new year.  Our party wasn’t too lively so Eddie, Emily, Jake, and I went to Phyllis Kulig’s house party.  Her party was lovely.  The house was decorated beautifully and her table was a dream.  We stayed there for a few hours and got mellow.  Left about 4 and went to eat at Cupid’s.  Jakey and I started our new year beautifully.  If this feeling for each other would last it would be wonderful.  It’s like holding something precious.



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