Tobogganing, December, 1940

You cannot go wrong with a few passages celebrating winter sports, and the reality that when tobogganing, someone is always going to get hurt.

Thursday, December 5th, 1940

The city hall crowd, Jake, Fila, and I went tobogganing at the Spfld. Country Club.  We got there early and went down twice by the way of the brook.  Hurt myself on the bump and vowed I wouldn’t go down that way again.  After we got cold we went inside the club and warmed up with talk and coffee and

Babu never finished that journal page.  Unless she meant talk and coffee and romance.  It would be very like her to be so polite and dainty.

Friday, December 6th, 1940

Going down to the dentist, Frank Adamczyk picked me up.  On the way back home, Edmund, Fila, and Jake picked me up and brought me home to dress for tobogganing.  We went to the Spfld. Country Club again and some of the Young Republicans came later, with a quart of liquor, which we finished in about 15 mins.  Went inside after and there was a formal dance on.  We joined in and danced in our ski clothes among the formally dressed.  Jake crunched his shoulder on one side down the hill so I took him upstairs and massaged it (this was after one o’clock.)

This sounds like such a fun night!  And no wonder they had no problem dancing in their ski clothes.  It doesn’t sound like they had many cares in the world at that point.


It occurs to me that I am really going to miss reading passages like these.  I am very aware that as these pages keep getting translated and shared, her young adult life is soon to change into adulthood.  If World War II doesn’t change the tone of her pages, I’m sure motherhood will.  Realizing this makes me miss her a bunch.


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