April A-Z: A Month of Many Tears

February, 1941 was a month of many tears.

Friday, February 7th, 1941

I was having pains down low today and tears stood in my eyes several times.  Right after supper, Jacob came up and we walked in pouring rain down to the library.  Brought back some magazines and then brought my radio into the kitchen and listened in a faint glow of light.  He reassured me about several things and we talked very frankly.  All was pleasant and harmless.

Well, Babu went so very many years never talking about her time of the month and now she’s talking about it every month, it seems.  Poor Babu, she sounds like she deals with a lot of pain.

When she writes about she and Jake “talking frankly” I hear them growing up and getting serious about their real partnership.

Sunday, February 9th, 1941

Jakey took Natalie, her brother John, and me to the city to hear the Cleveland Symphony with Dr. Rodjinski conducting and Sylvia Zaremba, 9 years old, guest soloist.  She was so wonderful, she brought tears to my eyes.  We came home to supper at his house and he and I had a tussle for fun with Edmund watching.  Once when he let my wrist go, I slapped his face and he was hurt and embarrassed and so was I.  We came to my house and listened to the radio but I didn’t feel right and neither did he.

Oops,  Not all the tears this month were Babu’s, evidently.  I know they were embarrassed, but I laughed quite a bit after reading this.  We’ve all done something like this before, right?


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