October, 1939

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Sunday, October 1st, 1939

Johnny Krol came home with me after church. Jake and Edmund told me to dress in a hurry so we could start for Amsterdam, New York. He (Ed) borrowed a convertible coupe Oldsmobile and we started off in style. Got there at 3:30. Had a good time at Paul and Ann Decowski’s and started for home at 7. Had to fix a flat first and around Albany developed trouble. Lost the way because our lights gave out. Took us over two hours to have a new battery and generator put in. After that it was O.K. Got home at around 12:45. Jakey called home to say we might not get home but we did.

As I read this passage I could feel the tension of this situation.  The close call in whether they would get home that night (morning) or not is much more of a close call than it may seem.  These two are already in hot water enough, and with things the way they are going, who would have believed their story?  Check out this post:  Not Until Marriage

And there were plenty of dramatic moments this month:

Jakey asked me if I’ll always love him.

She ENDED the passage with that.  How can she not tell us how she answered?!  Ugh!

Sometimes getaways are not so adventurous.  Here is Babu on a trip to VT with Ernie:

Sunday, October 8th, 1939
Ernie said I was snoring so loudly this morning she didn’t feel like waking me. After breakfast (about 12) we drove to Lorn Farms Stables and took Patches and Smokey and went riding for about 2 hours. I rode Smokey part of the time. We got off at a cemetery and read the old inscriptions, picked some apples, and lay under the trees. Got some steak and things and cooked our supper up at the “Park.” Good ride home and got in at 8:45.

I think I’ve been working too hard because I’m in tears over how much this seems like the perfect day!

Babu earned it, however.  Work at the office is not always plodding along.  Sometimes it’s torrential.

Wednesday, October 4th, 1939
Mr. Bug promised our new client, Holyoke Water Power Co., their report tomorrow, so Emmy and I worked till 10:30 tonight. We worked tirelessly, only taking time off for supper. We accomplished some but not much. Mr. Bug took us home.

The next night she had another long day at work, but what happened afterward seemed to make it all very worth it.  (And I DON’T mean the extra five dollars she got paid.)

Thursday, October 5th, 1939
Worked hard and continuously till 6:30 tonight and then the report was finished. Took the trolley home and found Jakey had gone for me. We went out riding. It was such a warm, tender night. As we rode along Jakey said: “Emily.” I said “What.” He said: “I love you. We stopped at Bircham Bend and he demonstrated how he felt. He wondered if everybody felt that way. Asked me how he had gotten that way. And said it was a good thing Mr. and Mrs. Kwolek had a little girl named “Emily.”

These two.  Shaking my head.  These two.

Monday, October 9th, 1939
Indian Summer is here is all it’s glory. Tonight I started out to see Zosh and met her and Jeanette on their way to see me. We turned back and came to my house. Had a grand time talking or rather listening to Jeanette.

Jeanette, of course, has much to say; still newly married and a baby on the way!

Tuesday, October 10th, 1939
Our meeting was very short tonight so some of us girls stayed and talked for a while. Before meeting Ernie and I went to the Moonlight for a coke and and she told me more about why she and Jeb aren’t going to see each other for a while. I don’t blame her. I would have been scared silly.

She must be talking about consummating (more correctly not consummating) premaritally.  (Gosh, reading these passages has got me all old fashioned about talking about sex!)  That must be the topic because it’s still on her mind a day later.

Wednesday, October 11th, 1939
Billy, Yvette, Frankie, Jakey and I went to see “On Your Toes” and “The Man Who Dares.” Afterwards we all went to Shankies. I really don’t know what’s got into Jacob. He can’t seem to stay without putting his arm around me or kissing me. It’s a good thing I don’t feel what he does at the same time or we’d be lost.

And be lost she would!

Friday, October 13th, 1939
Jakey’s mother has told him that since he’s been getting up early every one of his handkerchiefs has lipstick on it. So today I didn’t have the lipstick on but wiped it off.

Live and learn, you crazy kid.

Thursday, October 19th, 1939
No kiss this morning.  I am holding the upper hand now.  But he is so sweet.

Well, that sounds like you have a rather loose grip on that upper hand.

Finally.  The walls of their relationship are coming down.  Jakey is such an open book.

Sunday, October 29th, 1939
Wore my fur coat and new accessories to church and was complimented. Sophie took me home to dinner and she, Nat, and I ate together alone. On my way home I stopped at the high school field to watch the finish of a football game. Jakey came tonight and we went walking around the park. It was so cold so we came back too the car and watched the mail plane all evening. It was perfect. Jakey told me the night I went to the Mass. State formal with Kinki he was mad. He said he watched my progress till I left from a window of his house. Then he went to his room and threw things around. You’d never know he was jealous cause he doesn’t show it.

Well, maybe if she went with someone else.  Someone not named “Kinky!”

I did not realize until now but I never wrote about this dance since there were so many more important things going on those three months, check out these three posts.

April May and June, 1939: Babu Roars!

June, 1939: Mostly About Johnny

All About Jakey

Evidently, however, I am wrong.  That date was important enough to get Jakey throwing things around the room and thinking about it since June.  In fact, since May:

Monday, May 29th, 1939

I really was sick of all this night life today.  No-sick from it.  My head felt very bad.  Jakey took me to the cemetery and then to Forest Park.  We came home early so we could go to bed.  He said some pretty things to me.  Just got dressed for bed and Henry Wojtasiewicz delivered some beverage at the house and we talked in the hall for a very long time.  As a result I think I’m going to the Senior prom at Mass. State College.  Wish it were Zosh but-

And then, two days later:

Sat on the back porch in the moonlight until 12.  Was in a wonderful moon till Jakey tried to find out who asked me to the Mass. State prom.

Babu did, of course, go to the dance with Henry but we haven’t heard from him again yet.

Saturday, June 10th, 1939

Enjoyed going to Mass State tonight.  The avenue up to the auditorium is all lit with Japanese lanterns which reflect in the pond.  Saw the play “Our Town.” Zach was there with his girl.  He’s going to work in a crabmeat factory in S.C.  One of the boys wore a cup for riding and we filled it with each other’s drink.  Didn’t get back till 2.  They live in a very nice frat house.

“They live in a very nice frat house.”?!?!  How did I not share this passage with you before?

Things have already changed.  Back to October, 1939, upper hand or not, she admits:

Gosh love is wonderful.


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