June, 1939: Mostly About Johnny

I’ve already written a lot about June, 1939 in yesterday’s post.  It was a month full of late nights, dancing and dances, they are not always the same thing, driving around and parking, obviously very different things, and all the while she is working and living at home with her parents.  She admits to not being much help there but Mommy and Daddy always spoiled her.  I’m alright with that.

I must turn back to the topic on everyone’s mind.  Who will Babu end up with?  There are many cute moments this month between Babu and Jake.  That’s no surprise.  And actually, I will save those for tomorrow’s post.

But one thing potentially stands in their way.  Johnny Lech.  This post is mostly for him.

She writes:

Sunday, June 11th, 1939
It seems I can’t forget Johnny Lech. I saw him in church with the Drum Corps and he looked grand. Guess he hasn’t forgotten me either. Spoke for a while.

Nothing’s changed by the end of the month, either:

Friday, June 30th, 1939
It was raining when I awoke and all day long and into the night it drizzled fitfully. We all looked grand and I got very many compliments on my gown and jacket. Jakey sent me Gardenias. I had a grand time at the dance, with everybody. I don’t think Jakey had a good time. I didn’t see him much. It’s four o’clock and we just got home. Johnny Lech was there and danced with me. Eddie’s sister took him, last minute.

The fact that Eddie’s sister took him last minute speaks volumes to me.  I read: he hasn’t yet replaced Babu.  Maybe, even, he went there to see her.  Maybe Jakey thought the same as Babu mentions that she doesn’t think he had a good time.  It seems Babu needs to make some choices or there will be some ugly fights soon.

There’s a bit of heartache in this.  Maybe more than a bit for Babu.  They had many good times, could they possibly be over and done?  Without even a conversation?  I’m thinking back to April when Babu wrote:

Tuesday, April 25th, 1939
Why does everything happen to me. After we left the Nee Wah meeting, we found Billy and Jakey waiting for us. Jakey opened up his office so we could see where he works. We got down to the car and who should be coming down the street but Johnny Lech and some boys. Now I know everything is over.

The saddest thing, not explained here, is that Babu didn’t even say hello to Johnny.  The next day she writes:

Because I didn’t say hello to Johnny last night, it has been bothering me ever since.

That would surely be bothering me, too.

john L


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