All About Jakey

You know, putting what I know aside, and looking only at the evidence from 1939 and before, I’m rooting for Jakey.  I mean, there was a time I was clearly on team Drobey and my heart melted with the way she began to feel for Johnny L., but she’s never called anyone “the love of her life” before and they are spending every moment (that she’s not out with another boy) together.  They stay up and out till all hours and there’s clearly an attraction.

Here are some excerpts, some pages, and some lovely images from the last two month that go with them.  Here’s to Jakey!

Saturday, April 1st, 1939
Thought Jakey and I would be able to go riding in his car for the first time but the brakes don’t hold and he can’t get them fixed till Monday. He and Billy came up, brought some new piano rolls and a dancing book so we danced a few steps. Jakey said I’m one of his worries, but I only come third.

March 31

She comes third?  What does that mean?

Friday, April 7th, 1939
Turned out to be a beautiful day although rather cold. Went to church tonight and sat alone. Eddie sat in front of me. Johnny guarded the tomb for a while. Came home, washed my hair, and took a bath. Jakey came up around ten. He’s got a new reversible top coat. We sat and talked for a couple hours. He kissed me once but that was enough. I think we both get rather warm. He’s coming up tomorrow.

What did I tell you about the racy?

Sunday, April 9th, 1939
It was snowing when I looked out this Easter morning so I turned over and went back to sleep. Wore my suit to church and felt good. Visited Zosh with Nat. Jake and Filo came up and Jake made a date. Jimmy and Gabby were with us. We saw “dodge City” and “The Family Next Door.” Had champagne in the car. Watched the mail plane come in. Jake told them he and I were going to our honeymoon at the World’s Fair. Stopped at Fabry’s at one and had champagne.

april 8.jpg

Don’t forget that part about the World’s Fair!

Monday, April 10th, 1939
Gosh! Against all this opposition I don’t know how I’m going to keep going with Jake. Neither parent is against him but they don’t care to much for him. Mom likes Jaime and Dad likes J.L. I’ll just pray to the dear lord to choose right someday. Perhaps I’m destined for a happy future and perhaps for an unhappy one.

Well, that’s discouraging…

Wednesday, April 19th, 1939
Ernie and I slept until after ten, kept house, and went to the show to see “Yes, My Darling Daughter” and “The Jones Family in Everybody’s Baby.” Nat, Zosh, and I went to the dance at the Polish school and we had a ripping time. Had nos. promised far into the night. Jaime danced with me and Johnny L. and Depathy. Jake was there and I had two nos. with him. He danced with Zosh and asked her how does one get to me with all the boys around. Came home with the crowd. I hope this doesn’t keep Jake away.

Oh, Babu…

Guess Jake has the inside track in my heart alright. Hope the situation is mutual.

Well, that’s promising.

Sunday, April 23rd, 1939
After church Jake took me riding. Went riding again in the afternoon while Nellie had her riding lesson. Met Ray Babet an he took us to the airport. Also stopped at his house for a while. Two days in a row Jake says we’ll be married. Zosh had a date so I came home.

That “M” word keeps popping up, but never from Babu’s mouth!

Friday, April 28th, 1939
The girls at the office met Jakey today. He was waiting downstairs when he got out of work so I introduced them. He said he came over the the city for gas. We went to the show alone in the evening and saw “The Hardy’s Ride High” and “Society Lawyer.” We parked up on a hill in W.Spfld. Jake said he was dizzy; that my eyes sparkled; and that he dreamed about me again. We didn’t come home until one.

april 28.jpg


Saturday, April 29th, 1939
Vi likes Jakey. She changed her opinion now that she saw him. Emmy says he looks as if he’d know what to do if you put him in a dark room with a girl.

Oh my!

Jake and I went over to Bemis’s and didn’t get home till after one. This is risky business though. “Nuff said.”


I hope love is like this or this is love. Jakey says the nights I’m out with somebody he spends riding around looking for something to do. If only feelings like these could last!

But, how does she know they wont?

Seems to be love between Jakey and I, the way we want to be together. Always sitting close and holding hands.

But she does hate his manners.  Maybe this is an idea she has to tame him:  confession!

Thursday, June 1st, 1939
What I did at the office today didn’t amount to much. It seems that I have to play at Professors recital June 15th and play Rondo Copricious. What a late date to tell me. Went to confession tonight and met Billy there. However, Jakey wasn’t. I told him to tell Jake I wouldn’t go out with him unless he went tonight. He probably won’t.

And then this post!:

Friday, June 2nd, 1939
Wasn’t dressed at all tonight when Jakey rang the doorbell. He’s in the dog house! What-yet. Put some sports clothes on and we set out, but only got as far as Thompsonville cause the car began to act up. We put it in the garage. He was so disgusted that right in the garage he said “Oh Cooky” and gathered me in his arms and kissed me. Such thrills I get sometimes. We walked over to the Bemis park and sat on the bench in the moonlight. Thought a cruiser would pick us up but he had his own girl.

june 1.jpg

I’m done!  Oh, no, I’m not.  This next passage even comes with snapshots!

Sunday, June 4th, 1939
It broke today raining and we almost didn’t go on our picnic. But decided to and the day turned out beautiful. Billy and I went together and Jake and Yvette together and we missed each other. We were at Sweetheart lake in Conn.

june 4 hjune 4 gjune-4-e.jpgjune 4 fjune-4-d.jpgJune 4 a



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