April, May, and June, 1939: Babu Roars!

April, May, and June seem to be a wild time for Babu.  By June, Babu is doing more than burning the candles at both ends.  She’s thrown the candle right in the fire and she’s still going.  At first it was concerning and seemed to be heading for a break down, it still might before summer is over, but maybe I’m wrong. I certainly admire her exponentially the more I read.

I’ve gathered some data:

In April:

Four nights she gets home or gets to sleep around 12.  Two nights she comes home or gets to sleep around 1:00.  One night she gets to bed around 3:00.  Now there were also nine nights she was clearly out late but didn’t record what hour she went to bed.

In May:

Five nights she got home or went to bed by 1:00, one by 3:00, and two by 4:00.  There were four late nights, nights where she “danced the last number at Bray’s” or stayed up late talking with Jakey.

In June:

Twelve nights were clearly late but she didn’t say when.  Then there were three by 12:00, two by 1:00, one by 2:00 and two by 4:00!  WOWZA!

Now, I am NOT saying any of this to criticize.  You go girl!  Her social life was always important to her and not all of these nights were out with boys.  Some were out with her Nee-Wah Club, (you know those were the wildest nights, and the latest!), and some nights she’s chatting away with her friends.

We already know that Babu grabs life by the horns and look at how well off she is and I think her social life is partially the reason for it.  We know she is looking to keep friends close and to remain social and, I think she’s made it pretty clear, she’s looking for the right fit for a husband.  What great places to find one, out dancing, or parking, there is a lot of that, or at formals and even some frat parties!  She does start to note the strain:

Monday, May 29th, 1939
I really was sick of all this night life today. No-sick from it. My head felt very bad.

Saturday, June 17th, 1939
I fell asleep tonight for an hour and felt groggy when I got up but went to see Sophie and we talked all evening so that it’s 12 and I’m still up. One of these days I’m going to buckle under.

And I may have gotten away from it a bit, but this blog is not all about her romance and social life.  Babu also has a lovely family that she still holds very dear.  All this “night life” is having its effects on that as well:

Monday, April 24th, 1939
Our office vault got a good housecleaning today, but we need a bath. Mom lectured me tonight about how filthy I keep my room. It could be neater but it isn’t filthy. I know I should take more interest in work to be done at home. Lots of my clothes need cleaning, fixing, and pressing too.

Friday, May 5th, 1939
There hasn’t been any rain all week. It’s wonderful. Only it’s such a grand night out and the love of my life is angry with me. Otherwise, he’d be up to see me. Mother has finished house cleaning and the place looks perfect. I didn’t help her one bit. I should have.

may 4.jpg

Why do I imagine in that last passage that Babu was so wistful over Jakey she couldn’t even pick up a broom?

I joke, and Babu seems to brush this off in her passages, and yes, she reveals how very spoiled she always was, but it does bother her not to be helping.  I know it did.

And how does she work with all of this going on?

So why take this data?  Why this close look?  Because these journals provide many snapshots of a life and here is hers.  She missed out on being 20 in “The Roaring Twenties” and instead came of age during “The Great Depression” of the 30s.  That didn’t stop her.  That didn’t stop her because Babu can roar all on her own!


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  1. I’m sleepy just thinking about her late nights…what a firecracker!


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