Other Delightful Things in May, 1939

In May, 1939, she writes:

There hasn’t been any rain all week. It’s wonderful. Only it’s such a grand night out and the love of my life is angry with me. Otherwise, he’d be up to see me.

Let the record show that On May 5th, 1939, Babu called Jakey “the love of her life.”  So, is this it, guys?  Is he the one?  Unfortunately, there is no knowing yet for you.  Much roller coaster more to go before we find out.

So what could it be that has made Jakey upset with her?  What?  You could possibly think he’s angry because she is still dating other boys?  Well, if you think that, you’ve clearly been reading these posts for a while.  Here’s how it’s been playing out:

Tuesday, May 2nd, 1939
What a pickle I got myself into! Jake drives to me work this morning. Teddy Drewniak called me on the phone and asked me to go to his fraternity dance Saturday night. I have a date with Jake that night so I call him up to come and see me and I break the date with him. He drives us to the club but does a minimum of talking and we don’t get a ride home. However, he asked me to go to a semi-formal Yvette’s club is giving.

may 2

Wednesday, May 3rd, 1939
Wish I knew how this is affecting Jakey. He probably doesn’t give a snap one way or another. I had the idea that this frat dance was to be a formal one, but it’s informal. The Tykon Country Club in Westfield is the place where it’s to be held.

Saturday, May 6th, 1939
The frat dance Teddy took me to turned out to be grand. Met people who know people I knew. The girl Jake used to go with goes to the Elms. He bought her a beautiful diamond clip. We got home at one-thirty. It’s almost two now and his car isn’t in the garage. I hope he’s not out making love to some girl, but I’m afraid he is.

may 6.jpg

*Reminder:  “Making love” doesn’t mean all that you think it means.  Much less, in fact.  And according to Babu and what she knows, he wasn’t.

Jake isn’t unaware of the other boys:

Tuesday, May 9th, 1939
Billy drove us down street tonight cause Jakey was studying. We held our meeting downstairs in the city hall. Billy also took us back. Jakey took his mother and sister to a shower. We went looking for him, couldn’t find him, so came back, parked Billy’s car and Romeo Skowyra took us to the PNA. He got Jake down and he was glad to see us. He looked adorable. He said one of his many rivals was upstairs, meaning Ernie Depathy. Romek took us home.

And if you think that maybe she’s also going back and forth on her feelings about Jake, rather endlessly, well, you’re right again.

Sunday, May 14th, 1939
I’ve been with Jake practically all day and I’m trying to see if I like him enough to over look his faults. We, the family, rode to Bondsville and then Jake and the kids came over. He and I made supper at my house and he brought dessert. We also washed dishes. He has bad eating manners. I felt the devil in me and we went to the Spanish Villa in Holyoke. Had a drink which made me feel gay. Watched the mail plane come in. I’m turning over a new leaf. That again!

may 14.jpg

**Reminder:  “Watching the mail plane come in” is code words and it means what you think it means.

From Sunday, May 28th:

I hope love is like this or this is love. Jakey says the nights I’m out with somebody he spends riding around looking for something to do. If only feeling alike these could last!

After all the hims and haws we end the month with:

Seems to be love between Jakey and I, the way we want to be together. Always sitting close and holding hands.

So sweet, and there’s much more than that, and racy stuff I wont even share!  But don’t worry, she will “will she, wont she?” more next month.  Trust me, I’ve read ahead. 😉


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  1. What an interesting youth Babu had!


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