Dog Days Mondays: Stella and Babu

One thing I can say about all of the dogs I’ve brought into this house, and that’s two adopted and two fosters, they have all been great around Babu.  I think they know: that is a nonnegotiable if there ever was one.  That’s good, because the major concern must be Babu’s safety and well being.

And can I just tell you something?  Babu and Stella are in love with each other!

I’ve written before about how Babu gets on these negative mental loops where logic doesn’t apply and they are extremely painful for all involved and I’ve written before about how she needs distraction at those times.  Stella is one tool in my bag of tricks and it has not failed yet.  If she starts feeling bad, being down on herself, or saying that she thinks it’s her time to go, I parade out Stella.  It works every time and I knew it would work every time since the moment I watched Babu croon to Stella in Polish as if they were both in a world to themselves.  (Oh how I wished I had my phone at that moment to record!<3!!)  When I asked Babu what she was saying she told me that she was calling Stella a “nice lady.”  Babu said much more than just that but I’ll let them have their secrets.  And I could tell that Stella understood every word.


PS:  I would never leave Stella around Babu without my supervision.  I never even turn my back.  This is my advice to you as well if you have animals, especially large ones like Stella, around the elderly.  Stella could so easily and innocently reach her paw out to get more pets and tear Babu’s frail skin or move to quickly and knock Babu over if Babu was standing.  Don’t worry, I keep a close eye!


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  1. So precious to watch that video interaction! The first time my rambunctious malamute met Mom he was so gentle and sweet I knew they had a sixth sense about things. We were even able to take him to the rehab center where she recovered from a broken hip to visit her and the other residents, where he was just as good and a huge hit with everyone! Dogs are the bomb, aren’t they?

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    1. It really does seem like they know. Def the bomb!


  2. How heartwarming-I bet Stella is very good for Babu in many ways. Dogs have a knowing-a sixth sense and really make a beautiful difference. My 93 yr old grandmother loved our dogs and they were extra careful around her, without being taught. We often can see this same thing with dogs and babies. What a sweet post.

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    1. yes! <3! and thank you.


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