April, 1939: How Do You Know?

Hi!  It’s been a while and I am so happy to be back.  Back writing, back posting, back sharing, and back in time!  Here is April, 1939:

One theme in her pages this month was how to know if she was in love or not.  Johnny sees her with Jake and she doesn’t say hi to Johnny.  She figures that has ended it and looses sleep over not saying hello.  That makes some sense since she decides she must not actually be in love with Jake based on this logic:

I guess I don’t really care too much for him cause I’m always asking myself if I do. I should know. And what bothers me are the girls he used to go with and if he’s still pinning for one of them.

Yea, but I’m sitting her like:  “How does she not know?”

Signs, in my book, that you actually are in love:

  1.  Jealousy and the hope of exclusivity.  (We are one for one already.)
  2. Obsessive and over thinking:

Still dream about the kisses we had last night. Nuff said.

(Now two for two and yes!  She actually wrote “nuff said!”)

3.  Rejection of other suitors.  (Well…there is a lot of this kind of thing:)

Billy had the car, Jake had his, and Filo had his so we took turns driving in each after Jake fixed his flat. Filo and Jake had one of my hands each so I divided my attention. Filo proposed but Jake took me home.

I’m still going to call it three for three since she always ends up back with him.

4.  “Lovemaking.”  (Nothing is more awkward then reading about your gram making out with her boyfriend!  Let me make very clear, however, “lovemaking” meant flirting and kissing, not only the finale.  So, that’s not what she means when she writes it!)

He kissed me once but that was enough. I think we both get rather warm.

So, Jakey may or may not be the one, but he seems to be the “bees knees” for now.

Guess Jake has the inside track in my heart alright. Hope the situation is mutual.

Other cute things:

Parental Non-approval:

Monday, April 10th, 1939
Gosh! Against all this opposition I don’t know how I’m going to keep going with Jake. Neither parent is against him but they don’t care to much for him. Mom likes Jaime and Dad likes J.L. I’ll just pray to the dear lord to choose right someday. Perhaps I’m destined for a happy future and perhaps for an unhappy one.


We took Ernie over to the airport to watch the “mail plane” come in. Of course, the joke is there is no mail plane. That’s where we were Sunday.

That’s the code word for parking!!

And this was off theme but it made me happy and gave me closure on something that has been bothering me since the early entries.


Tuesday, April 11th, 1939
Jeanette surprised me very pleasantly tonight. We went to Alice Jamroz’s shower together and talked all night. She said she was always sorry we drifted and often hoped to talk to me confidentially. She did. She and Teddy get along fine and I guess they love each other very much.


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    1. Thank you, and so glad to be back!

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  1. marilynyung says:

    Have been missing your blog. Thanks for picking it back up!

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    1. You know, sometimes I write and post and I forget there is a world out there. And then some wonderful person, you, sends me such a simple comment that means so much! Thank YOU for the feed back and reminding me that – gasp! – I have readers out there. ❤

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  2. I had to laugh at the mail plane. We used to go to the beach to watch submarine races. Glad you’re back!

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    1. Submarine races?!?!?! Too funny! And you have no idea how much your comment: “glad your back” means. Thank you so much.

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