Don’t be a wall flower!

Before I begin to spill on all the juicy gossip of November, 1938, I want to encourage you to leave a comment with a date important to you so you can find out what happened on that day in 1934, 35, 36, 37 or 38.

Don’t be a wall flower!

Blogging interaction is as fun as it sounds!

I’ll put in the answers in a post coming soon.


That all being said, I have been giving this much thought and I am going to pull back on posting every day.  I know, shed your tears, here’s a kleenex.  Thank you for your cries of dismay.  When I wasn’t writing every day, this was a wonderful goal to get me into an awesome habit.  I write every day now and I have many projects other than the blog I wish to be working on.  I have a new WIP and I wish to submit more short pieces.  Also, this project deserves more than to be rushed.  Do not fret!  You will still be seeing me quite often.


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  1. Bravo on your decision! Can’t wait to see your WIP in print some day.

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    1. I knew I could count on you!

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  2. artalexiusr says:

    Fascinating as your posts are, they are a welcome read. I would be a pleasure to see your posts more often.

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  3. donna says:

    how about august 26th?

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