On this date in 193…

This is something I always do:

Today, 83 years ago in 1934, the first of Babu’s journals, that I know of anyway…

Babu got her “longed for shirt and slacks.”

On my birthday 46 years before was I born, in 1937, Babu:

Stopped in at the social and pretty soon some boys came along and attached themselves to Ernie.

(My birthday in November 23rd, by the way.  Feel completely free to send Barnes and Noble gift cards.)

On August 6th 1936, 45 years before her first grandchild was born, Babu went to confession then had an argument with her mother.  She hoped it didn’t affect her confession.

(That is my husband’s birthday.  He would like you to send Barnes and Noble gift cards.  Address them to me and I will make sure he gets his mail!)


Let’s celebrate the joy of this!  I love reading these and  learning about her life and the history.  I love her adorable little quips.  I have transcribed so many passages and they have come and gone.  I’d love a fun way to look back at them.

Do you have an important date in mind and you would like to know what Babu was doing between 1934 and 1938?  Maybe your birthday?  An anniversary?  An important historical date?

Ask me in the comments and in a few days I will write a post with your requested dates and what Babu wrote on that day!


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  1. I’ll bite. How about October 4th. ❤ your posts, by the way.

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    1. Thank you and keep an eye out for it! Is it your birthday?


  2. March 15th, 1935-thanks!

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  3. F. H. says:

    23th of May, 1936. Seventy-two years ago, long before I asked a girl out and the regret seems never fades away, ha!

    Looking forward to it! Cheers!

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    1. Thanks for participating!


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