Sunday Share: Ocean

From the blog Here I Am is a poem I have read several times and will read a few more.  And I will enjoy it more every time.  If there are many more poems like this on this blog I may never get any work done.  Please check it out.


Listen here,


I am an ocean

of devastating artifacts

and white tops of foam

and coral-covered organs

as the wind breathes life

into the water waves

of my one sole word song.


In my shallow space

there is a tree that stands

covering my face, my eyes

drowning and seeking

answers in the stars,

braille patterns of history

that tease my primeval

knowledge of time,

as the universe alters you

and amends me.


In the darkest depths

lays a secret I dare not speak;

it hovers and resurfaces

when the time is just right

when the moon asks

and the thunder makes

my skin stand on end

and shivers and goosebumps

make me cry and rage and break

and erode into your patterns

and ripples that shelter

through a liquid skin,

holding together veins and bone

of sand that is dust

and blood that is stone.


You are the edge of the universe

where physics slows to

a thunderous roar

that echoes in the hollow ground

of our time’s past;

as I sculpt my curves into you

and you chisel away at my corners

and I reach to you, blue,

in a frivolous

(albeit vigorous)

attempt to save you

from yourself and save me

from the deep

end I elude

and I await

a waiting





Listen here,


we are a luscious

crushing force

that creates an ominous clatter,

startling a limitless sound wave

of a cosmic and infinite line,

that goes on and on

and wraps itself around us

as it cancels out the mitosis

that once made you, you

and made me, me

leaving a mist of white fizz

that spreads out and disappears

into the open air

falling over the edge of dark matter

falling and being pulled by gravity

falling and realizing

we are but in a cloud,

in a drop

in a wave


…we are an ocean,

and a storm is brewing


Can’t you sea it?

It’s coming, just over the horizon.


-C. Bauxa



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  1. Thank you for sharing, Angie! There’s plenty of more where that came from 🙂 Happy Sunday!

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