August, 1938

August.  Possibly my favorite month.  Full summer, with a hint of excitement for the fall.  The weather.  The freedom.  August.

She goes mushroom hunting and finds more than just mushrooms.

 We got bit up and scratched up and I got a handful of berries and a couple of mushroom and a spray of flowers.

…I don’t know that it all seems worth it and she doesn’t sound fully convinced either.

She mails a tortured letter to Benny, (what I mean is that she writes a casual letter and is tortured about sending it but, of course, she does) but that new boy, Jakey, has been dropping in from time to time.

She goes swimming with the gang, including Johnny, and stays until 10.  That meant she was swimming under the moon and stars.  In my opinion, the only thing better than that on an August night is swimming in the rain.  I love swimming in the rain!

She goes to Bondsville to go swimming and does not like the clientele there.  They don’t talk nice and they drink their beer right in the water (my kind of people.)  Not Babu’s kind.  She writes:

Not a good word from the bunch of them.  Drinking beer right in the water.  And all of them on relief!

Love is in the air this August.  Nat has fallen hard for a guy named Bill and will NOT go out on any dates with anyone else.  Emmy from work vacationed in New Hampshire and found a boy from West Springfield there.  They really hit it off.  And that isn’t all:

Zosh and Eddie were romancing last night.  Gosh what a moon to waste.

By August 21st she states, very classic Babu, that:

I hope I’m not falling for Jakey.  I certainly enjoyed going to the beach with his crowd.

She goes to Misquamicut, takes pictures that she says don’t come out, (lies!), she goes swimming often and when she doesn’t she writes about wishing an angel would come and take her swimming, she plays tennis and by the end of the month is in Vermont at cook outs and riding horse back.  It sounds like a perfect end to the month, however, she is reluctant to go.

I know I’ll miss Jakey.  That’s one reason I’d like to stay home.



The one thing I don’t understand is why Babu can’t seem to learn to ride a bike.

Nat took me out bicycling riding at Bemis this afternoon. Among other things, I ran into a car.

I hope she had insurance.


Spoiler alert!  I have pictures galore for this month.  Check in on Thursday for those.

beach 4


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