I May Have Rescued Two Dogs

You read that right.  I just might have rescued two dogs.  Here is the story:

I texted my sister, Stefanie, the day after I got Cort.  I told her about it and sent pics.  She lost her mind over my dog.  I think she was thrilled because she knew how badly I wanted a dog and for how long.  I also think she just fell in love.

My sister made this video!

She told her co worker all about it who saw the pictures, started asking questions about where he was rescued from.  Well, she went on the website, saw a senior dog up for adoption, and adopted him.

One could say, my sister did, that my act of kindness caused that to happen.  I made a difference.

I thought about that for a while.  I was thinking of my dog adoption as a selfish act.  I wanted him SO BAD!  But I did give him a new home.  And now another new dog has a home.

Maybe my act of kindness can cause an even larger impact.  Do you have room in your heart and home for an adoptee?

Mutt Rescue of Massachusetts

For those of you who don’t live locally:


You know where to find your local rescue.  😉

Ok, maybe you wont rescue a pet, but do that whole pay it forward thing!  This small epiphany has been encouraging to me.  Maybe I make ripples everywhere I go.  When I show kindness to the girl on the plane who was having an anxiety attack maybe someone else on the plane will be kind and help someone else who is scared on a plane.  Maybe when I was patient with the old woman getting off the plane I set an example for the man behind me who asked if I was going for the nicest girl of the year award.  Maybe it sunk it later after all his sarcasm wore off and he thought to be a little sweeter.

Just think, a kind act you put out into the universe could multiply.



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  1. bone&silver says:

    Lovely story. I got my cat from the Cat Rescue; 7 years later we’re still as happy as clams together.

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    1. That’s a lovely story as well. Thanks for reading and for rescuing.

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  2. I love happy stories with dogs! They make our lives so full!

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  3. Good for you. Rescuing is the only way to go! And your dog is totally adorable.

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    1. Thanks. I like him!


  4. lynnefisher says:

    Our rescue cat, Sasha, is just wonderful

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    1. Rescues are the best! Is that her in the picture?


  5. lynnefisher says:

    No, Sasha is a little grey short haired cat., My avatar is Felix, who’s in cat heaven, but he’s my special mascot. I’ll have to get around to painting Sasha though!

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    1. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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  6. I really love happy stories about animals! Especially those who get adopted!

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  7. Cort is beautiful

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    1. Thanks says the proud mama!

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  8. vastfreedom says:

    Love this story and your words. And you’re right, a little act of kindness can make a huge difference. You’re a great person!

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  9. lisakunk says:

    I really like the way you think. All our animals are rescues. We’re fortunate to live on my husband’s family farm so there’s plenty of room for furbabies. Thanks for paying it forward.

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    1. Thank you for the way you think! For a minute there I thought it was going to be a really disheartening failure, but we are going to make it!

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