Excerpts, July, 1938 Modern Conveniences, or Lack Thereof

july 10

Monday, July 11th, 1938
It was hard coming back to work today.  Last night sleeping on the porch was difficult.  The full moon shown in my face, my sunburn bothered me a little, and mosquitoes annoyed me.  It was very hot today although it rained twice.  I think the rain spoiled opening night at our parish lawn party.  Practiced longer than usual this evening.

Can we talk about how thankful I am for air conditioning?  And look at the “Kitchen Helps” tip at the bottom of the page!

july 16

Sunday, July 17th, 1938
It’s wonderful having a refrigerator.  The food is cold and the drinks are, too.  Besides, there’s ice cubes.  Nat’s brother took us swimming to Lake Lorraine and we stayed the whole afternoon.  Got another burn.  Mrs. Sawedyinski came up tonight with gossip from Mrs. Olbryck that J.L. is my steady and we marched down Orchard Street with me holding him under the arm.  Phooey.  We walked apart from each other.

Ice cubes?!?!  And this part about the neighborhood gossip is classic as always.

The interrogation would go like this:

Where were you on the night of July 17th?

I was walking up Orchard street.

With your boyfriend?

He’s just a guy who likes me!

Arm in Arm?

NO!  Apart from each other!

But did you, or did you not march?


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  1. Love those tips at the bottom. It reinforces the setting Babu grew up in. But you know that already…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are really interesting. Times have changed.


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