Travel Review: La Playa Beach Resort in Naples, FL

I have decided to give you an extra today to atone for missing a post while traveling.  Through his work, my husband and I got the chance to stay at La Playa Beach Resort in Naples, Florida.

First, let me talk about the Gulf side of Florida.  Given my experience before this year I thought that I didn’t like Florida.  I just thought it was an ugly state, and I’m sorry to be so rude, but I still somewhat feel that the interior is. But going to first Venice and now Naples, I am seeing an almost tropical side of this state.  The coast!  ❤  The water is light green and clear.  Palm trees and coconuts and pelicans.  I have been taught my lesson and it is beautiful here on the coast.

I have been staying at a resort and the room is beautiful. The balcony looking out at the ocean is beautiful, the private beach with the men that pull over chairs for you, is beautiful.  It is expensive.  At least 300 a night for the room we are staying in.  What you also need to know is that the food and drink, although delish, are expensive, too.  Come prepared for that because there isn’t anything else in walking distance to go to.

But if you can afford it, I recommend it!  The grounds are beautiful with koi ponds and even with vegetation on all the levels of the car garage.

The koi caretaker is obviously a proud caretaker and gave us food to feed the fish our first day here so that we could take pictures and video.  He also talked on and on, with me asking question after question, about the fish in his care.  He clearly cares!  The staff has been great and cheerful as well.

I was very comfortable in the room:

bt window
And what do you think this door goes to?


And again, the food is amazing!

And don’t forget about the sea turtles.  There are some protected nests around and you can purchase a sea turtle package where you will be alerted to sea turtle activity during your stay.  We didn’t get this package but if it gives a person a change to see those little guys hatch and haul ass right to the ocean, it’s worth it!


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