The Vintage Photo Contest Winners!

Number 7 won by a landslide with 11 votes!



Number 9 came up next with 5 votes:

john L

J.L. would be happy to know he won so many hearts!

15 and 29 tie for third with 4 votes each.

Honorable mentions are 22 and 23 and they had three votes each and they get honorable mentions because they have dogs.  “Dog” I should say.  That’s Windy.

I made the voting very difficult to give all of you the sense of how I feel going through boxes and boxes of these pictures.  It’s a wealth of amazingness.  I’m still awe struck by them.

Thank you all for making this so much fun.  Some of you came up with hilarious nicknames for the images:

“Riding in Cars with Boys”:


The ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ child (#15) – I had to look that up.  I always say “too cool for school.”  I think I need to upgrade.  Someone also called #15 “The innocent kid” (although I’m not sure about that!)  My mother and I kept calling number 7 “Babu cutting it up” and someone else called in “natural laughter” which I really love.

As promised, some new (to us) images:


I found this interesting:  This photo seemed to be part of a photo contest.  Do I smell some research?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. E says:

    These are fantastic! I think guy with the pipe is my favorite 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s so jaunty! haha


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