Excerpts from June, 1938 Continued

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June was an epic month!  Cast party and spin the bottle, a very important formal dance, Gobbleview, another dance, Toto’s Zeppelin, dog races, and even the dentist.

june 22

Thursday, June 23rd, 1938
Fulfilled my appointment with the dentist but hope no other trouble occurs.  Coming back home Jaime asked me to go to the dog races at West Springfield so we stopped for Zosh and the three of us went down.  What an enormous place.  We played every race, (with Jaime’s money) that we were there and he said that he came out ahead.

june 26

Monday, June 27th, 1938
Still raining and promise of it tomorrow.  I think I’ve had enough of romance and running around for a while.  Nat and I went to the dance at the Butterfly.  Johnny and Frank were there.  I can’t do anything to make J.L. hate me.  I ran out during intermission with Depathy .  It was raining and he was only in a shirt and he got a cold.  We ran way over to “Mayflower” for ice-cream.  John came up after and was nice to me all the way home.  Jaime was there – not dancing – just looking.  Some day the tables will turn on me and I’ll be alone.

Oh Babu!  My instinct is to think of her as a player and shake my head at her impish ways and love her, of course, anyway but today I really thought about that.  I have decided that I’m thinking about it all wrong.  I’m thinking about it all wrong because I was always the person left behind, until I found my husband.  I was always the one not picked for teams in gym class.  I was and am always the person over thinking, hesitant, holding back.  I love the me type of people.  At all the parties (that I rarely go to) I’m on the couch with the other outcasts.  I love those guys.  Babu is different and I love the Babu type people, too!  She seeks out the fun and refuses to settle, and does it all without being the mean girl.  (I mean, just barely misses being a mean girl, but it still counts.)  When it comes to boys she’s too shy and unsure to shut them down, but she knows what she wants!  Kinda.  It can make her seem unkind, but she is the kindest.  She has always lived her life so beautifully!

Reading these diaries show me how different from me Babu is.  I already knew that.  The moment I met my husband’s family, way back in high school, I knew I was entering uncharted waters and meeting a group of people who lived and thought very, very differently from me.  What these diaries showed me that was new was a real insight into a different view of the world.  She had her insecurities but now, when I want to lighten up and chase some fun, I think of Babu.  WWBD?  I’m going to go run out in the rain and even though it’s cold, I’m going to go eat ice cream!  Life is too short!


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