Excerpts from June, 1938

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I’ll be amazed if I actually get this post out today.   A very big change happened in my life and he is very distracting:

my boy

This is Cort!  My first ever dog.  He is a good boy but today is day three with him and he is starting to feel himself.  Lots of training needed.  Oh happy day!

And now, I’ve been looking forward to sharing passages from June, 1938.  It was a pretty epic month starting with the cast party for “Henpickle Kiss” and then a day later a trip to Gobbleview:

Saturday, June 4th, 1938

Getting out the AIC report made us work until 3.  Gabby came up at 8:30 and we rode up to Chester to the Brookside Lodge, Gobbleview.  It’s way up on a hill and a rambling place.  Practically all of down stairs is one room.  We rode down to Chester Inn and danced and had fun until 12.  One of the seniors from BPI knew me.  After we came back we sang and didn’t get to bed until 3.  Mary Moriarty and I slept together.  Gabby slipped us a night cap through a hole in the wall.

This picture was taken two years after this entry and is Babu with some other ladies.  But, I thought I’d share anyway.

I guess “Gobbleview” is a cabin in the woods in Chester?

Babu certainly stressed out over the Nee Wah formal:

june 10

Friday, June 10th, 1938
We’re all going to the formal next Friday.  Even Johnny Krol (with John Czechowic.)  J.L. was up tonight and as we walked to Zosh’s I asked him.  He said “yes” only he was just going to ask me.  Coming home we met Drobey and he and Zosh came into the house and stayed till eleven.  Hope everybody gets a gown because none of us have one as of yet.

june 12

Sunday, June 12th, 1938
Helped Mother bake today.  My cake turned out successfully.  Ernie and Jebb stopped in tonight.  They certainly look in love.  All the boys came up and we went to Johnny Krol’s.  From there we went to the cousins’ house to borrow a gown.  All the eight of us.  Back to her house and then to mine. (All of us.)  Stayed till 12.  I guess I’m going to wear Ernie’s peach gown.

But then the fun is getting spoiled.

june 14

Tuesday, June 14th, 1938
Such bad news from all sides.  I feel sick and not at all looking forward to the formal.  Jeb sent Ernie a telephone saying he couldn’t make it to the dance Friday and she won’t take anyone else.  Zosh hasn’t got a gown yet.  Both Johnnys were up tonight to find out what kind of flowers we wanted.  I said purple.

Well, I wont say it went off without a hitch, no Ernie :(, but it did sound like a grand time.

june 16

Friday, June 17th, 1938
Everything went beautifully tonight when I dressed.  Johnny sent beautiful flowers both for my hair and dress.  Gabbie invited us to her home for a cocktail party but we all were rather late.  The Holyoke Canoe Club is grand.  And we had a crowd!  W.B.Z. was there but he didn’t seem to be enjoying himself.  Left around 12:30 for Toto’s Zeppelin.  Stayed till 2 and went to the Moonlight Inn in our home town.  All night, eight of us in a car.


A cocktail party?!?!  Our girl is growing up.

Here are some pictures from a Nee Wah formal, but these are taken two years later.  I might find the right ones for 1938, but I just haven’t gotten through them all yet!

nat nee wah

zosh nee wah
There is a lot of pattern in this picture!

There is so much more excitement in June, it’ll need a whole other page.


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  1. Love these posts and pictures.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m in love with them, too.

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  2. liz3518 says:

    Wonderful pictures and posts. 🙂

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