Vote on Your Favorite Vintage Photo

I have been posting these amazing photos from my grandmother’s collection.  I have been transcribing and writing about her diary for over a year but I only found the photos to go with all of those diary passages a couple of weeks ago.  I am obsessed!

This will be more fun the more people I can get to participate!

Vote on your favorite vintage photos.  In the comments, put the number of the picture and first, second, and third favorite!  I’ll put the results up by the end of the week.

(I have been digitizing pictures from WWII and they are just mind blowing.  I haven’t gotten anywhere near there in Babu’s journals and the pictures have such an advantage I thought I’d leave them out of the judging for now.  I’ll share them soon, don’t worry!)


babu heart


zosh picnic




zosh dressed 2


the girls


nee wah d






john L






flood 4








p and d 3


patches 2




dad 4




dad? 2










b and d


burns garage




goofs 2


ski 2


40 Comments Add yours

  1. Leading Lady says:

    Ugggg. Too hard to choose! I like 5, 7, 9, and 30! Beautiful pictures!

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    1. Four?!?! You are breaking the rules. haha I’ll allow it. Thank you for voting!

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  2. susurrus says:

    I like 7, 11 and 15.


    1. Thank you for voting!

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  3. baog3 says:

    Any of the ones where they’re smiling! Love `em!!

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    1. Haha! Thank you. I noticed Babu doesn’t often smile in her photos but she does this sideways sassy look that I love!

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      1. baog3 says:

        Yes! Adorable! 🙂


  4. Joan Enoch says:

    Just which ones I personally like: 1. – beautiful woman – is that Babu or her friend, Ernie? Sorry – joined this blog just lately. 6. – I like the way they can hold hands and nothing is thought of it – they are just holding hands. (I remember a time when you could walk along linking arms with your friend and no one thought anything of it – you were just friends linking arms.) 19. You just went to the beach, got into your swimsuit – and that was that! It all looks practical, rather than having to – be beautiful or have a ‘good’ figure.


    1. Number one is Babu! And don’t be sorry. Thank you so much for reading and the pictures are new! I recently found them. Thank you for voting.

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  5. Nina says:

    Too many to choose from! I like 2 and 15.

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    1. And there are BOXES AND BOXES! Thank you for voting.

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  6. #5 and #29 – both tie for first place in my heart. Lovely memories of good times.

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    1. Thanks for voting!


  7. I just love #7, #23 and #29! What great snaps of the past!

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    1. They are amazing! Thank you for voting!


  8. Not fair. Too many choices! 7. 21. 29 Hey, that looks like a date. What happened on that day?

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    1. SO many! I could say they are the ti of the ice burg but it’s more like an ice cube! #29 “hasn’t happened yet.” I’ll tell you when we get there! 😉 Thanks for voting!

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  9. I know. I love it, too! Thanks for voting.

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  10. this was difficult! 23,22,18=but so many others too! I am so glad you found these!

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    1. I know! I gave you all an impossible task but you succeeded commendably!


  11. Sam says:

    7,9 and 29! I couldn’t narrow those ones down, they are all pretty amazing too! These ones stuck out because two of them are super happy and I love old smoking photos 🙂

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  12. Hmm… A very difficult decision. 7, 23 and 22 stand out for me, but I must say, I have enjoyed all these photos. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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    1. Thank you for saying that and thank you for voting. I know I made it super hard! I put a lot in the post, but there are boxes and boxes of these photos! <3!


  13. mom says:

    My # favorite is #7 A very happy Babu, such camaraderie. second is #9 Here’s Johnny!, third is # 22 sooo Norman Rockwell! I would also like to name # 14…… Riding In Cars With Boys. 🙂


  14. jackscrap says:

    My votes go to 4,6 and 7, but I was really wanting to vote for the one of Babu in her new johdpurs?

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    1. Thank you for voting! 🙂


  15. Jono says:

    For me it has to be the natural laughter in 7, the cool dude with the pipe in 9 and the ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ child in 15. Who just so happens to look a bit my like when I was that age 🙂

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    1. Hilarious!! Thank you for voting!


    2. Cool dude with the pipe is pretty much the perfect description of that photo. 🙂

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  16. I think m late to vote.. still want to share my favourites 😇 4, 11 and 13. Its really Difficult to choose as all are beautiful, still manage to choose three.😊

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    1. Thank you for joining in! :). There are so many more pics I think I’ll do it again!

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      1. Waiting…. 😇😇

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  17. I don’t know how anyone can pick! I like 4 and 5… Oh, the classic beauty in these is truly amazing! Your post makes me want to copy your idea and share photos from the past of my family!

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    1. You should! And thank you.


  18. vintagepix1 says:

    Wow fantastic pictures! 11, 4 and 5 are my favourites all because of the ladies and their fabulous dresses.

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    1. Thanks for voting. I’ll have to do another vote with a new set of pictures soon.


  19. You actually expect us to vote on all of these beautiful photos? I had to start writing numbers down and then my list got super long. This post made me really happy. Number 7, 9 and 28 are my choices, but I’d have chosen at least ten of them if possible. This project is a beautiful thing.

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    1. Oh haha. I’m a terrible person for expecting that of anyone. Thank you very much.


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