Sunday Share: Great Blue Poetry

I love finding great writers, great poets!, on blogs.  This one I certainly enjoyed.  (As a bonus, I also related to this poem a bit.)

It is from the blog: L’encre Turquoise


It’s a delight to watch
How amidst the feet adorned with Jimmy-Choos
yours are propped up bare, up on the chair,
How your hands are defying to give knives and forks a chance
And how your hair is devoid of any trace of styling
Your distressed jeans
Remains oblivious of the silk gowns
And your face refuses to show any civilized disinterest towards the content of the plate,
Instead even your eyes seem to be acknowledging your gracefully assailing appetite,
Your utterly capable wallet remains neglected and annoyed
And a bit dumbfounded, rendered without even a single clue –
About how amongst all the sophisticateds,
the sophistication starts at you.

Please check out that great blog.


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