Vi at the Office

I’m not going to lie, some of the end of the alphabet gets hard.  I chose to write about Vi, a girl who works with Babu at the office, because, well, it fits, and because I am always drawn to the background characters.  Sometimes they become more important and maybe Vi will.  Babu writes:

Monday, June 6th, 1938
Jaime was on the dot this morning.  Vi is still out and may have to go back to the hospital.  I’ve been very sleepy all day.  Had a card from Ernie (from Grafton.)  Johnny Krol invited me tonight.  We sang and tried to harmonize.  She was at the dance last night, too.  Met Jonny Lech’s father.  He’s shorter than John but looks somewhat like him.

It might be crazy, but I find myself worried about Vi.  I hope she is ok.

Monday, June 13th, 1938
Vi is back at work.  My watch fell from my wrist and stopped running.  Ernie and I met and she talked this afternoon.  Also drove up after supper to bring back my clothes.  Johnny Krol came with Benny, her dog.  We went to Sophie’s but she wasn’t at home, so we walked over to Nat’s.  She was gone but I modeled her gown.

Sigh of relief!  Maybe we will find out more about her.  Maybe I will even find a picture.

Found one!  In the nick of time!

vivi b


What an interesting picture.  It seems as though they were posed for a formal picture but then Babu (in the middle) started cutting up. <3!!!!


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  1. scribbledome says:

    i LOVE that picture. it’s so wonderfully candid. it makes me wonder what they were laughing at.

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    1. I feel like they were being posed for something office related and Babu was cutting up! Haha that’s just how I imagine it.


  2. Liam says:

    Terrific photograph. Real joy and smiles.

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  3. Debra says:

    What a wonderful photo. It makes me smile just to see the joy in the captured moment!


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