I couldn’t believe it.

I was looking at pictures from 1936, 37, 38, and I kept saying “I remember this day!”  And the clearly organized notes on the back of most of the images verified it was true.  I had read about, transcribed, and wrote about the days these images captured, in some ways better than the journal entries did.  So, I have gone back and updated some posts and I am totally geeking out over it.

flood 8

These images were amazing, and historic.  Check all of them out by clicking on the links of the updated posts.

The Great Flood of 1938:

The Greatest Flood in History and She’s Out Taking Pictures



This one was amazing to find:

Her first plane ride.  (Little does she know how important a part of her life planes will become.)

When I read this entry and wrote this post, I spent quite a long time researching on the internet for what this hair style must have looked like.  Then I found the photos!

page boy style

This guy was one of the first ones I got to know.  It was great to find his mug in these images.


And heeeeeere’s:


She begged her mom to buy her riding pants.  She won!

Jodhpur Pants!




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  1. MFlynn says:

    The flood pictures are breathtaking. I can’t stop looking at them. She had a knack for photography!

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  2. LOVE the additional photos!

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    1. Me toooooooooo! 😀


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