Why I do this

“Lest you forget.”  That is what Nat writes on her senior photo that she gives to Babu.  Unfortunately, this process doesn’t bring back too many memories for Babu.  Mostly what comes up when we read or look at photos are the same stories.  And even those she is starting to loose or they are starting to change into something fictional.  It is still a lovely distraction for Babu to show her these and often she surprises me with how much she remembers.

Even still, more and more, this is becoming more of a process for me than something for her.  Not only is it delightful and interesting, so much so!, but it is my way of holding on.  Of appreciating and documenting a life.  In some small ways, her life, the lives of her family and friends, the old Chicopee, and even the old way of doing things is being preserved.  I’m learning about history from a personal perspective and I feel that’s the only way I ever could.  I love learning!  I’m learning about her family, her young life, and even about things like my garden.  Everything has a history.

It feels nice to be tied in, connected.

And come on!  The adorable passages:

Babu’s Creative Writing

and amazing pics:


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  1. The fear of forgetting my life haunts me. Reading these posts reminds me that picture aren’t just for me but for family.

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    1. It’s a big fear. Take as many pictures as you can! Even on days that your hair is messed up or nothing is really happening. Cheers! And thanks for reading.

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  2. heyloons says:

    It’s wonderful. We spend so much of our lives learning about so and so’s king and queen and their lineages. This is your own family history and it’s also fascinating that Babu had such a full and active life. By digitising it you’ve also managed to share it and preserve it.

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I am enamored with learning the history of every day life. You glean not only her history, or the history of Chicopee, but history on a larger, personal scale. That seems to not make sense, but it’s like reading about Hitler through Scout’s eyes in the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird. UGH! I could talk about this for hours! Thank you for reading!


      1. heyloons says:

        Hi. History becomes so much more relatable if it’s about a people’s history. How did they live? How did love? What did they eat, how did they get better when they were ill? Instead history becomes a list of years to rote-learn or an understanding of the people at the top. Completely agree with you.

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