Quid Pro Quo

It’s only fair…

I ran across an awesome, and awesomely brave, blog the other day:

if destroyed still true

This writer posts her own diary pages, from when she was young!  I didn’t think I’d be brave enough.  I thought maybe I should just dig them out and burn them.

But then I got to thinking:

If I destroyed them, that annoying girl who used to walk my smaller sized shoes would still be true.

And, how fair is it to publish Babu’s and not my own?  So I dug a few things out.  They are terrible.  Not only the handwriting and the spelling, but the annoying adolescent that goes along with them.  You’ll see.  Part of me hopes you appreciate this because I stepped, bare foot!, in a spider’s web for these.

Is it more scary to post something current?  Or something old?

I’m keeping a bullet journal now.  It’s supposed to be neat.  It’s supposed to be cute.  It’s supposed to be concise.  It’s supposed to be consistent.  It’s none of those things.  It’s a mess!

Here is one from middle school, but you should be forewarned:

j 2


I was a dark child.  Who knew I would grow up to become a horror writer?

j 1.jpeg
Hahahaha!  What am I even talking about?!?!


This is one from sophomore year.

j 4

What could be more embarrassing then terrible handwriting, even worse spelling, and being a general all around shameful brat?  My fascination with Episode One.  Why is Jar Jar Binks looking out at me with those eyes like he was a celebrity crush or something?!?!?!  I’d far easier admit to being a New Kids on the Block biggest fan than admit for a while there I actually liked the prequels!


It doesn’t matter that I’m much older in this one.  I’m still sitting here like:  “What am I still even talking about?”

Well, we know this isn’t actually about me so here are a few more excerpts from my grandmother from May, 1938.



Monday, May 2nd, 1938
Really, I have to get some sleep soon or I’ll be a wreak.  Get headaches a lot now.  We went to Mrs. Burns but didn’t rehearse.  Instead played the piano and everyone sang.  I can’t get over what a grand bunch us is.  And the boys are so attentive.  Makes one feel fine.


may 3.jpeg

Wednesday, May 4th, 1938
We rehearsed until 20 of 12 tonight.  The play is to be given next Thursday.  Tried to learn to ride a bike tonight.  Very bad.  Zosh tried to give me a ride and we both fell and got bruised.  Mr. Deon painted us up.  I think we’re more out of the garage than in. Eddie had a prowler in his house last night.  Lifted a few things.


may 11.jpeg

Thursday, May 12th, 1938
We have the play tonight and pretty good!  The songs we had up the the room like “The Newlyweds” and so forth we hung on the back of the car and went riding.  Over to Howard Johnson’s and in with the sign.  Nat and Frank had carnations so they were bride and groom.  We all talked about the troubles of our young ones.  Zosh and Ed were going to town tonight, I hope.


I like Babu’s diaries a lot lot lot more!


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  1. heyloons says:

    Very brave and candid! You did state your New Year’s resolution was to be daring some 22 years ago. That one lasted it seems. Most of new year’s resolutions fail by February:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. scribbledome says:

    so brave of you to post these, oh man! i’d be ridiculously embarrassed to post anything from my old sketchbooks, so kudos to you. this blog has also inspired me to start journaling a little bit every day, and every time i write something i wonder if someday i’ll have people who will read my journals and gain as much from them as i have from babu’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There were some I’d never post! But I wanted to do it in the spirit of good sportman’s ship. I’m humbled that you have been inspired and thank you for sharing.


  3. Vanessence says:

    Your diaries are fine! Nothing to be ashamed of! And Babu’s journals are always interesting to read. 🙂

    I kept a journal from the age of 12, but on my 18th birthday, I burned them all. (over 600 notebook pages!) My reasoning was that I was “putting behind me childish things.” *eyeroll* Like I was so mature at 18! lol Of course, I regret it now. They might have been fun to go through. Or not. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! Such a loss! You can always take it back up now. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Vanessence says:

        I’ve been trying but that time thing, sheesh! I need at least 8-10 more hours in my day! lol


  4. anovelattitude says:

    This is brave! I’ve destroyed a lot of old diary material.I’m hesitant enough about new work!

    Liked by 1 person

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