Frank, Failed Theatre, and Good Friday (Not to Mention Fords and Finery)

Frank directs the plays.  Sometimes those plays get performed.  Babu brings his an apple to apologize for the cast.  She Fixes her hair in the page boy Fashion with curls in front.  People seem to like it because she gets petted or chucked under the chin.  She takes a ride in the rumble seat and it’s too cold.  Jaime comes to call and she turns him away.  Rehearsal.  Roy Connor gives her a medal on a chain.  “Professor Brown” changes hands again.  “Kid Strut” can no longer do the part.  Things are Falling apart.  Flea shows up at rehearsal and he and his nurse girlfriend are going strong.  She skips piano lessons.  She’s working late and buys tailored suits with Ernie.  John is still so tender.  She runs on stage and says a line ten pages ahead.  Things are not going well.  She a nuisance at the five and dime where Zosh and Nat work.  She waits for her Friends to be done with work and in the meantime chats up all the customers.  Her mother’s redesign of the bedroom is successful.

Mother’s room is a honey.

Frank A. (a different Frank) takes them riding and they window shop in Hartford where Babu doesn’t let Johnny get away with anything.  “Footed” at work all day long until she got a headache.  Zosh’s parents and Babu’s parents reminisce about when they first came to America.  Spring is back and John Dudek is looking for a dog for Babu.  She bought a new sports coat and her father helps her remove “ingrowing” toe nails.  They talk someone into opening the five and dime so they can get calla lilies for pictures.  They deliver butter lambs to people.  All the trolleys in the city stopped for a minute in observance of Good Friday and Babu gets a Saturday afternoon of work off, the First one.

It dawn bright for everyone’s Easter finery.

Babu says the play may not go on at all and on the 18th, for some reason, she likes Johnny.  She hopes she is not Falling in love with him because she thinks that she can’t make him happy.  The Fate of the play in uncertain yet they rehearse in Mrs. Burka’s garage.  Goes to Vermont with Ernie and reunites with Patches.  They understand one another.  The Vermont sky:

It was a beautiful night.  So many, many stars.

The play Falls Further apart yet they promise to behave and quote the adage “The Show Must Go On.”  Babu gets Free tickets to see “Frederika” and watches it with Ernie and Zosh while looking through binoculars.  Gabbie gives her a ride home in a white Ford.  Babu is impressed with the car. Johnny cuts off a lock of Babu’s hair to keep, Harland thinks she’s fun, and Jaime is possibly mad at her and no longer gives her rides.  Rehearsal starts late and Frank is on the wrong Foot.  An antagonistic Foot that no one appreciates and Babu tells him so.  She is a hero to the cast.  Rehearsal set for May First.  Will they meet?



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    1. Oh thank you! And haha, I see what you did there! 😉

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  1. Vanessence says:

    I wish I could have seen that Vermont sky. I bet it was amazing. 🙂

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