Ernie, Eddie, Expectations

Babu’s relationship with Ernie is truly wonderful.  As I’ve written about before, every time Babu and I talk about Ernie, Babu expounds on how beautiful Ernie was.

march 14

Tuesday, March 15th, 1938
Instead of having a meeting we bowled at the Polish school.  First string I bowled 32 and then 51.  Mom had to rip out my whole new jacket because it was too small.  There is a beautiful full moon out tonight.  Ernie and I were admiring it.

I imagine Babu and Ernie staring up at the moon together and the picture of it is one of true friendship.  However, there was trouble in paradise with Ernie and Jeb.

march 30

Wednesday, March 30th, 1938
Mr. Earl and I are still reading and proving together.  He acts as if he weren’t married.  Also talks that way.  Went to church tonight.  I guess Ben is never going to write.  Jeb didn’t call Ernie on his birthday and he promised.

I don’t know what Babu means about Mr. Earl, one of her employers!  However Jeb breaking this promise to Ernie, in a long distance relationship, that’s not a great thing.  Jeb’s excuse for why he didn’t call is priceless.  Here is a sneak peak into April, even yet, I don’t think his excuse is an April Fool’s joke.


april 1.jpeg


Friday, April 1st, 1938
Brought Frank an apple tonight to make amends for last night.  Bought two others along which we ate on the ride home.  Not enough so Frank A. bought us each a Mackintosh.  Ernie heard from Jeb today.  He didn’t call on his birthday cause the operator was out.

The operator was out?  What a wild world that such an excuse, which is all I believe it was, would even exist.

Zosh and Eddie is something, too.  It’s something because of what I heard at Babu’s 99th birthday from Zosh’s own daughter, Kathy.  At Babu’s birthday one of the first things I overheard Kathy say was an introduction of herself to Babu.

Please read about it here:

Zosh’s Legacy

“I’m Kathy, Zosh and Eddie’s daughter.”  My breath caught!  Here was a spoiler for me!  I don’t know everything, even half of the story to follow.  So, when I read about them fighting at the holiday party, I know how it’ll all work out.

march 18

Saturday, March 19th, 1938
Beautiful day but I guess tomorrow it will rain.  Mr. Hitchcock let me go earlier tonight.  Zosh came up and we talked for almost three hours.  I took a bath and did my nails.  What a change in Eddie and Zosh now.  He’s so attentive and Zosh is nice to him.  Remember how they started?


And lastly, there are expectations.  I cannot leave this month with out including an excerpt of Babu’s birthday and the deplorable way she acted!

march 10.jpeg

Friday, March 11th, 1938
Even had I asked for it, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.  Got cards and gifts for my 20th birthday; besides Drobe sent flowers.  Was so disappointed because no birthday cake and I expected some sort of party.  Even bought myself a sympathy card.  On the way home we met the boys and I was very mad.  Slapped John hard for nothing.  We walked in the biting cold.


march 12

Saturday, March 12th, 1938
To heck with the sympathy card!  John got me to go to Westfield to see his brother.  Can those kids keep a surprise.  He brought me home at eight and there was my birthday party.  Cake, decorations, -everything-and a boudoir chair.  We went out in the car at twelve to watch the moon at our place.  John was doing all right caressing my throat and face; but wasn’t in that mood.  He kissed me once on the back porch before I could object.  Said it was my birthday present.  And how I acted last night!

Between slapping John and buying herself a sympathy card, I don’t know which to shake my head at stronger.  Good thing we gave Babu a proper celebration this year!

Check it out by clicking on the link below.

99th Birthday

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  1. Vanessence says:

    What a precious thing you are doing, transcribing her journals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so grateful for my relationship with her on all the levels.


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