Excerpts of Winter, 1938

Yesterday’s post brought strong memories of Spring but today’s post is a throw back to Winter.

Ever wonder what winter in New England was like in 1938?

jan 11

Tuesday, January 11th, 1938
Ernie has been thinking of asking Bill Sheasby and I, Lincoln Butson to the Nee Wah formal but I doubt they’ll go if we decide to ask.  Their formal comes the week after, I think.  Spoke to Paul Duboise today for a few minuets.  Ernie and I went to the meeting and froze walking back.

Winter will never put an end to formals and formal invitations.

jan 13

Thursday, January 13th, 1938
Lots of snow this morning although the city doesn’t show much of it.  It barely stops snowing and it is removed.  After work had my lesson at Prof’s.  Answered three letters tonight.

Glad they had such good snow removal!

jan 15

Sunday, January 16th, 1938
Daddy woke me up too abruptly today and as a consequence I suffered with a headache all day.  The boys took us skating to Porter lake tonight.  Half the time instead of skating we explored snow laden ice and climbed hills looking for cabins.  Stopped at Dutchlands.

Too cold for ice cream said no New Englander ever!

jan 17

Tuesday, January 18th, 1938
Eddie Tyburski, I think, would like to go out with me.  We rode on the trolley this morning.  Ernie has a cold and did not come tonight.  Instead of going to the meeting, I went to see Greta Garbo and Charles Boyer in “Conquest” and “First Lady.”  It is still biting cold out of doors.

Colds and the biting cold, always.

I know that these are excerpts from January, 1938, but I had to add this from the month before.  You’ll see why.

dec 13

Tuesday, December 14th, 1937
Ernie came to our new home today.  We went to the Nee Wah meeting and heard Mrs. Carter talk on and saw movies and slides on South America.  We were so close in bed trying to keep warm you couldn’t slip a knife between us.

<3!  Well that’s one way to keep warm.  I am so glad the snow season has ended.  Looking forward to garden, garden, garden!


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