February, 1938

The usual:  The boys bring her to work and wait for her after and the office looks and calls down to them.  It’s a lot of fun. She has two numbers at the city hall social, her Dad turns 46, she has every number at the PNA dance,  it’s Zosh birthday and they bake her a cake, and she lost her fountain pen. Ray asks for her telephone number and John looses and then finds his watch.  Her dad doesn’t like the idea of so many boyfriends and thinks she should go with one. Rehearsals are dragging and then the play goes over well.  She dances a marathon dance and stays on pretty well.

The unusual:  Ernie notes the way John looks at Babu, she keeps house alone, she doesn’t like “Keep Up Appearances,” she hides a boy’s pipe in a tree by the lake, they miss the planetarium but catch a game at Bay Path, there is a crisis with her mother, and they went to the reservoir to watch the moon only there was no moon.  She stayed home, practiced and cleaned shoes.  There were antics at the Victoria movie theatre but no one got choked, Valentines Day and Johnny says her eyes sparkle, they watched moving pictures of a tumor operation and a Cesarean section, eight in the car and Frank gets a ticket so they logically spend the rest of the night trying to find another cop to “fix” the ticket,  they accosts a harmonica player on the streets and make him play, and Babu doesn’t cry over Benny anymore.  She goes to a dance and helps a boy there with deductions on his taxes.


I think the unusual in this month outweighs the usual!


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