Pining and Pined For

We are reading the fourth year of our diary journey through Babu’s life and the boys Babu falls for seem to come and go from her life.  Her first crush we read about, Drobey, is still around, but she steadfastly no longer feels the same as she used to about him.  W.B.Z. stays from from her mind and the pages of her journal until he appears and she is reminded.  He hasn’t done so in a while.  There seemed to be an interest in Andy for a moment but he fell for Zosh and Babu let that be.  There was Ray, but only for a moment.  Chico?  He seems mostly only a dance partner.  There was the Frank from Vermont but he stopped writing and coming to see her and she didn’t seem very hurt.

Now, there is Benny.  Her was her husband in a play and we know how those on stage romances dance their way into the real world.  Sometimes.  Things seemed wonderful and then they weren’t.

Read about Benny here:

Excerpts from April 1937   (Benny is referred to here as “Mr. Wickham” and as her husband.  This was because of the roles they played in a theatre production.)

May, 1937

August, 1937  This is where it seems like the end.

He lost interest and then moved to Alabama to go to school there.  Babu is quite blue:


Sunday, August 1st, 1937
Looked terrible this morning (weather)  and I didn’t think we were going to Westerly but Chico, and Zosh, and Shorty came so we went to Misquamicut.  The sun came out and we had a wonderful time.  Got a beautiful burn.  Almost got carried away by the undertow but Chico saved me.  On the way home thought I saw Benny.  I wonder?  Oh, will I ever get over him.  When I’m alone I think I’ll go crazy.


Wednesday, August 4th, 1937
Slept through a tennis game until ten this morning.  Then went out and played with Drobe.  Ray sent me a card through Frank.  We have new neighbors next house.  Went to see Ernie and saw most of the kids.  Even Benny.  He was going through the door.  Just looked.  Never said a word.  Stopped a minute but I went on.  Ernie and I saw “The Willie Winky” and the Jones family in “Big Business.”  Ernie and I walked all around and went to bed.

sept 6.jpeg

Tuesday, September 7th, 1937
Jeb and Ernie came in the wee hours of the morning and didn’t stop at the house.  They came to the office and then to the interview.  Ern got the job and started in at one.  When they parted Jeb kissed her in the middle of the sidewalk on Main Street.  How nice!  Aunt Nelly, etc, and John D. came down.  Secretly Frank said Alabama U. was a tramp college and listed very low.  Gosh I wish I could see B. and talk to him.

But, midway through September, what seemed no longer possible happened:


Wednesday, September 22nd, 1937
My left eye has been twitching for a few weeks and Vi told me it was for a surprise.  True or not Benny wrote today.  Went down to Sophie’s and she and Nat were coming to see me.  While I was gone, Dad said a boy called and asked for Mimi Kotek.  Guess who?  Another mystery.  Jennie Bragil said she would jump at a chance to go out with Mr. Cheves.

Benny wrote, but what from here?  And how could she not tell us what the letter said?!?!

In the meantime, Drobey has not gotten over her:

aug 3.jpeg

Tuesday, August 3rd, 1937
Played tennis with Drobe.  Ironed clothes and went down to Sophie’s in the evening.  Wanted to go to the social but she washed her hair.  Called Ernie up and I will see her tomorrow.  Drobe walked home with me and we talked on our front porch.  He’s getting serious and I didn’t want him to.  Am to play tennis tomorrow and he wants to take me down to the city and Thurs to a show.  I don’t.


Saturday, August 7th, 1937

Another hot day. Went for music lessons and Prof gave me Hungarian Rhapsody No 6.  Gosh!  Will I have to work.  Zosh gave me a scolding because I’m breaking Drobe’s heart.  Nat took me to Frannie’s and bought me a beautiful play outfit, shorts, halter and cape.  Jaime brought us to the drugstore and we treat ourselves some colored ice.  Got a phone call from Mr. Ridell to report to school Monday at 8:30.


sept 2.jpeg

Thursday, September 2nd, 1937
Tonight I went to confession.  It was good to be there in the friendly dark.  I lit a candle for myself too.  Stopped in at Zosh’s and met some people from Detroit and Buffalo.  Drobe walked a part of the way with us but we said farewell soon.  Poor he.  I know how he feels, if he likes me.  What a world.

Sorry Drobey, or “Drobe.”  It doesn’t much matter because the best she’s got for you is: “What a world.”


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