May, 1937

I’m going to get this disappointment out of the way because I know it’s been on my mind.  I’m sure it’s been on yours, too.  Hasn’t it?

On May 6th, 1937, the Hindenburg explodes.

Here was Babu’s journal entry on that day:

Thursday, May 6th, 1937
Thank you for a lovely evening!  It was lovely.  Went to rehearsal and afterwards Frank, Willy, Zosh, Andy, Ray and I rode out in Ray’s brother’s car and had ice-cream at Dutchland.  Then we rode around and sang.  Sally wasn’t at rehearsal.  Eighteen went dancing.  We sang all the way up to grand opera.  Came home at 12:30.  Some rehearsal!

I guess the Hindenburg just wasn’t on her radar.  I’m not sad she had a lovely night and there will be plenty more historical days to come.  A least now I know what Babu was doing the day of the Hindenburg disaster.

But let me tell you, the month’s worth of passages was not a disappointment.  May begins with these words:

Saturday, May 1st, 1937
A beautiful May day.  Mother and Dad were married, 20 years ago today, and they’re still happy.

Yes, and they were both still happy into their mid 90s.  Babu took care of them in their home, the home I live in now, right until the end.  Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with tears thinking that, in a way, my husband and I are honoring her choice to take care of her parents until the end the way we are taking care of her.

Please check out this post.  It is one of my favorite times with Babu.  There is a lot of green in this video but somewhere in the middle of it she explains how much her parents loved one another.  It’s beautiful:

What I Gave Babu for Mother’s Day

More on May:

On the third she breaks her glasses, again.  Someday I am going to go back and count how many times.  This time it wasn’t Zosh breaking them in an exuberant embrace, or dropping them from her purse, but Ernie this time is blamed, a game of tennis played in the street.

Benny, her husband in a former play, is giving her the run around this month.  With a little bit of heartbreak I read this:

 Benny made me jealous cause he came in, talked to me for a while and then went on to Ernie.  I should have known.

It dosen’t turn out, yet anyway,  to actually be a thing between Benny and Ernie, but he also wont ask Babu to the dance and she is waiting!

There seems to be a romance budding between Babu and another cast mate, Ray.  Don’t worry, there will be no on set drama, Ray is from the WPA play, Frank is the director.  Benny is from The Bay Path production.  Keep up, people.  😉

She is what seems to be chided by Andy about how much Drobey is in love with her:

Andy and Sophie walked home with me and Andy told me how much Drobe is in love with me and I’ll never find anyone who’ll love me so much.  Of course I laughed it off and told him the truth-that I don’t feel like that about anyone.

She is a young woman who knows what she wants.  Or is she?  Through out the month she seems to be crushing harder and harder on Benny.  How will it all turn out?  Time will tell.

In the middle of May a very near tragedy happens.  Babu’s mother gets hit by a car.  My stomach churned reading this.  But this awesome lady makes it to 96, so it all turned out alright.  She was only grazed by the car and hurt for a few days, but recovers fully.  But to think how Babu and her father’s life could have been so very different.



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