Did You Miss It? I Sure Didn’t!

Were you laughing when you read Saturday’s post?  You may have missed a few things if you weren’t.  Check it out:

Excerpts April, 1937

Babu always has a way of writing something off hand, explaining nothing, and leaving me saying “Whhhaattt?”

Let’s look at April 15th again:


“John came in after 12 and started playing his violin??!!??  Okay.  I think John is her cousin, so he is family, which makes this less disturbing.  But still, you are telling me that they just moved into a new apartment where there is a kid upstairs that makes too much noise and you might not like it, but you are going to play loud music at midnight right after moving in??

Did she dream this?!?!


“Missed the 11 PM bus and had to wait.  A tipsy man and two women provided fun.”


Let’s review.

You are at the bus stop at 11 PM.

Three drunk people are providing fun.

This was important enough to record.

There is no further explanation.

Shaking my head.

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