Sunday Share: Keep it Minimal!

Keeping things simple, decluttered, and clean are so important when you are care taking for an elderly person.  It’s important to do that in their spaces, with their things, but it’s also important for the care taker to do so.

Less is more when life is stressful.  You know where things are, the house feels open and freeing, making decisions are easier.

A minimal life is the opposite of what I live.  If you remember, because, of course, why wouldn’t you?, that purging was a part of my goals for my 101 things to do in 1001 days.  That’s why I am sharing this post, and this entire blog.  It sounds so simple, be minimal, but honestly, I need to be told how.  This blog helps with that.

Here is the blog:

A Small Wardrobe

And here is the video (this is just where it starts to get helpful!)

A Small Wardrobe Video Update



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