February, 1937

No airships, no natural disasters, no new presidents elected.  Just February, 1937.

The month begins with Babu’s date with Richard R.  I still do not know where this boy came from, but her date seemed nice.  Ice skating – which was kind of a fail.  And they got to the movies, late, but saw a double feature.  He asks her out again but her dad says no.  As usual, I’m left with out an explanation for any of my questions.

Babu is stood up for the prom by Harland.  She doesn’t say why.  The girl’s try to get her another date but it doesn’t work out.  Harland writes a letter but Babu doesn’t tell us what it says.  she never shares her opinions, or a description of how the rejection feels except to say “I haven’t felt badly about it much.”  However, she goes to a social the night she gets Harland’s letter and has a terrible stomach ache.  She blames it on strain from Basketball practice.  I don’t know.

There is more about boys: Mike M. sends her a letter and asks her on a date, (Who is he?) and she snubbed Drobey, yet again, at the pond because she has more fun skating with Hank, but boys are not all her life is about.  I may make it seem that way sometimes, but there is more.

There is college life and practice interviews.  Her life very soon is going to move forward.  She will graduate and be looking for a job with her degree.  Her program gets the students prepared with these mock interviews and Babu is pleased that, if it were real, she would have got the job she applied for and be earning 25 dollars a week.

She is learning to operate “the switchboard.”  How wild!  Such different times, and yet not.

She is crushed and humbled when she auditions for a play and does not get a part.  But she is asked to be a prompter for the play, so life goes on.


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  1. I wish my grandparents had kept journals, this is so interesting.

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    1. It’s incredible. Her writing is incredible. She’s incredible! Thank you.


  2. Kingjarvish says:

    # life goes on!

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  3. Vatsala says:

    Beautifully written 😀😀

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      1. Vatsala says:

        Most welcome 🙂

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