The OA

Does Babu have an OA?  Let me explain:


There is an amazing show on Netflix called the OA.  People who have “Near Death Experiences” come back but with the power of angels.  (It is really an amazing show!)

This makes me think of Veronica Syper.  If you remember, in the post She Talks to Angels, Babu’s aunt spends time with this girl and supposedly she is very ill and is not expected to live long.  She claimed that she could talk to angels, saints, and even God.  Then Babu begins to write to Veronica and other miracles are revealed, like she knows when the angels have given gifts to people and she she can take people to see heaven.  So, does Babu have an angel in her life?  Not surprisingly, her legitimacy is called into question and Babu is even given some good advice here:  She’s Still Talking to Angels


So I read on hoping more will be revealed, or exposed.  Do more miracles happen and does Babu continue to believe them?  Is Veronica exposed as a fraud?  Instead, at least for now, she had faded away from Babu’s diary pages.  I have heard nothing about her in a while.  She may have just been a fad Babu got over.  Many mysteries and questions are wrapped up in these pages.  I will find out eventually if Babu decides she’s an OA, a fraud, or if she really does just forget about her.


Also, in the Netflix show, OAs came back with amazing, other worldly talents, either musical, mathematical, althetic…I’m pretty sure this guy is an OA!!  (This is a video I found on youtube, I own no rights to it.)

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  1. Dorian Iacchus says:

    I was home sick when this was released on Netflix and omg – The OA became the show i watched all day and barely moved. The first episode reminded me why I wanted to go into education, and brought me to tears. It’s a rare moment from a media that I recall whenever I am feeling down and questioning why I wanted to go into education. It’s such a gorgeous and life-affirming show. That ending! I want a 2nd seaon but if there isn’t one, then i know it ended in a way that completed the story, and inspires to take action by just asking someone “how are you? why do you do this?” GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! it’s a show that everyone should watch, and take to heart because it will remind viewers waht it is to be home and have humanity.

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  2. Kingjarvish says:

    Great! 👍

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  3. Singledust says:

    i was glued to every word she spoke – like she was really the original angel – the writers did an amazing job, looking forward to a season 2 and hope it happens. everyone should watch this but i think it won’t go down well with everyone – you need to have a certain depth of understanding of weakness and the desperate need for finding a place to belong to appreciate this series. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on The OA.

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  4. Loved this show!! And great read from you! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much. 🙂


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