January, 1937

The beginning of the new year did not disappoint.  They drove around blowing horns and her friend Harland climbs out of the car and dances on the running board.  Celebration and jubilation!

After that bit of fun, January seems to be a month of many boys.  There are quite a few interested in her, and even a few kisses, but it doesn’t seem to offer more than a little interest and a lot of confusion.

Harland and Frank, two boys from Vermont, are very interested.  They both write her dueling letters and come from Vermont to visit.  Harland plays a game of will he or won’t he take Babu to the prom, and even still, she wonders who Maurice will be taking.

She goes ice skating a lot in the evenings and it seems to be a place for romance.  (Under the stars, bundled up from the cold, how could it not be?)  One evening she doesn’t skate much because the ice isn’t safe but watched the starts with a boy named Raymond whom she describes as “rather intelligent.”  She also has a great time another evening skating with a boy named Hank.

She also simply mentions having a date at the beginning of February with a completely new boy, Richard.  Where did he come from?  I don’t know.

Not to mention Drobey, who is always hanging around the edges and Jaime, who manages his chance at a kiss, but it doesn’t thrill her.

Oh boy!  I’m starting to think I need to write some sort of a cheat sheet on a big whiteboard to keep all of this straight.  Even still, there seems to be no thrills with any of these boys.  Even still, nothing is working out.

There is some talk this month about the plans for New Year’s that were made but never achieved.  Andy and Drobey (secretly?) made plans with Zosh and Babu for New Years.  Babu mentions it but never her desire or reluctance to fulfill those plans.  She goes to Vermont with Ernie instead and never explains why.  And, I don’t know if I’ve made it clear yet, but Andy and Drobey have seemed to settle their differences since Andy seems to be interested in Zosh.  I think those two boys have paired themselves off and in doing so have made some assumptions the girls themselves don’t seem to be making.  Also, Andy let’s it slip to the adults that those plans were made and all of a sudden he and Drobey are banned from hanging out.  I haven’t been given the whole story on this but I think neither Drobey’s nor Babu’s parents want them together and that is what this is about.  I think.

Mother said Andy told Johnny and Johnny told his mother about the date we didn’t have New year’s Eve and now Andy and Drobey can’t go around together.  Serves him right for saying anything.

Good news, Babu seems to be getting along with Mrs. Drude a little better??

Miss Drude gave me a little responsibility when she asked me to take care of the attendance slips for her.  For how long?  I don’t know.

I’m sorry!  I’m on the teacher’s side and I nod my head thinking that maybe Babu has learned her lesson!  Hahaha.


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  1. barbwit says:

    What a tangled web Babu weaves! So many boys to sort out. And do they skate on the local pond, or a river – “the ice isn’t safe”? As children, we used to skate on the pond in Rye Park (NY) and I remember the ice being very bumpy and one girl falling and breaking her leg.

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    1. I believe it was a pond and it wasn’t all that cold out.


  2. the ice is never safe 🙂

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