A Few Laughs and One Half of a Spoiler: Sharing Passages with Babu

When I share passages with Babu, she reacts to the funniest things and goes right by the things I think are interesting.  She said she remembered the March 1936 flood but I believe it was barely and had little interest in talking about it or her picture taking antics.  She did, however, ask about her pink collar.  She didn’t understand why she wrote:

I wore my pink collar today.

“Was it separate?”  She asked.

“I don’t know, Babu.  Was it the fashion to wear collars separately?  Could they go with multiple outfits?”

She didn’t know the answer but read the passage again, slowly.  This was important for her to try to piece out, although we never did.  Meanwhile, she had very little to say about the girl who speaks to angels.

She writes that one of her professors had a cold in his eye and she she did want to talk all about that and question if you could get a cold in your eye or not.  I’m starting to feel like I should do better research before sharing these passages!  Haha!

We spent five minutes laughing about this:

After it’s jamboree, my face is beginning to clear up.

We also laughed for a long time about her burning her fingers baking some muffins.  Why she found that so funny, I don’t know!  After the bought of laughing she commented:  “I wasn’t a good cook, I guess.”

This is my absolute favorite part of sharing these passages with her.  Laughing.  I love those moments when she sees how witty she is!  Then she reads a passage and says:

“Oh!  I didn’t know I danced with my husband!”  (Years before marriage.)  “He was always in one set and I was in another.”

I lied.  These are actually my favorite moments.  So you have been given a little spoiler, but no more!  You don’t have the insider knowledge I have so you will have to wait for the rest.

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  1. Nina Rubin says:

    What an awesome blog idea! I just came across your blog and I’m definitely planning to follow you and backtrack to learn about Babu and you! Great posts!


    1. Thank you so much!! I certainly look forward to checking your blog out.

      Liked by 1 person

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