August, 1935

I almost forgot about August and it was quite an exciting month!  I went back to 1935 to continue where I left off and I found I halted midway through August.  (I was so excited to find another journal that was a year before!)  I had stopped transcribing on August 13th, and was reminded, looking back that the up and down of the Drobey relationship had risen a little again.

First down:

Friday August 2nd, 1935
Got up early this morning for 7 o’clock mass.  Teddy and Drobey were both serving.  Jeanette told me that Teddy told her Drobey was mad at me cause I didn’t go with him to the prom.  The boys make him blush by asking him for a kiss now and then…

Then up:

Friday August 9th, 1935
Friends with Drobey again.  He carried my racket to the grove, (what a gentleman) and I played tennis with him.

But I picked up the book and started again to the words:

Wednesday August 14th, 1935
The most dreadful thing occurred last night.  Drobey and Teddy got hurt in the legs coming home from the Altar Boys Outing.  They had their legs hanging from the back and an auto brushed pasted knocking them off.  Drobey fainted but wasn’t hurt badly.  Teddy had seven veins in the back of his legs severed and something broken.  They’re both in the Chicopee hospital.

!!!!  I feel like I know these boys and I felt stunned reading this!  Drobey gets out of the hospital relatively quickly although Babu feels or has been told that his foot will pain him the rest of his life.  Teddy, however, is still in the hospital at the end of August doing fine but undergoing several surgeries.

It’s interesting how after a near tragedy, Babu now gravitates towards Drobey.  She writes:

Drobey ought to have a crutch. He’s going to strain his leg. He may be worse off then Teddy cause Teddy’s can heal and he’ll suffer always. I like him now.

I think this shows how Babu always just wanted to feel close, to feel a connection and emotion with Drobey.  After reading all they went through for almost two years before prom it is ridiculous that they didn’t go together!  Well, Babu can find passion through the compassion of taking care of Drobey.  Once he gets home she is constantly supplying him with magazines.  I understand it because he cannot get back to work or move around a lot after the accident.  However, the scandal with Drobey’s mother becomes clear and she is none to nice towards Babu.  She felt Babu has too much money for Drobey!!  I think that for the time, it could have been very true that they were a little better off then their neighbors and that could have caused animosity in difficult times.

Enough about boys, damaged and suffering or no!  Babu begins college at Bay Path!  For the second time I experienced a story that was told me a million times come true before my eyes in the pages of the journals.  She missed the first day at Bay Path!  She read in her paperwork that school started on the 28th so she was in the movies on her first day of school because the paperwork was wrong!  She has told me that story so many times and there it was in blue and yellow, the blue of her ink and the yellow of the eighty year old paper.






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  1. Oh-I so enjoyed this one! What a beutiful experience you are sharing with us!


  2. rbaldwin0204 says:

    I will have to go back to the beginning (since I’m a new follower) to learn more of what happened before these beautiful journal entries!

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  3. #3 says:

    You are doing a great service to her memory by transcribing this! Good job😎

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