A Piece of Creative writing.

I haven’t shared entries with Babu is a long time.  It felt really good to do so today.  Here is a piece of Creative Writing from Babu!!  LOVE IT!!!


Thursday, September 6th, 1934
One should be more quiet and more or less submissive on the day of confession, but to us that means comparatively little. It seems just otherwise, a setting off of a spark that has lain hidden, just smoldering.  A pandemonium was let loose tonight between us three and Jimmy and Ginger (until the inevitable slacks.)  And Johnny Krol tops it off. It’s no wonder we are talked about. What with such bedlam that decent people can’t walk the streets quietly. How’s that for a neat writing?

She also shared this pearl of wisdom!


Babu:  How old was I?

Me:  About 17.

Babu:  That’s not a good age.

Me:  Why do you say that?

Babu:  You don’t know anything and you worry about things you shouldn’t.

If any young’uns read my blog, know it’s not an insult.  It’s lovely.  Good advice to take to heart!


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  1. barbwit says:

    and she had such lovely even and clear handwriting.

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  2. I have so missed Babu stories! Yay!-what a treat!!!

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    1. Thank you and nice to meet you too.

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