April, 1934 Excerpts

Monday, April 23rd, 1934
I am really sore today.  W.B.Z. Took Janet Overbaugh to the Junior Prom.  Jeanette and I made a sojourn to the library.  Those two nuts!  They sounded drunk coming home singing “neighbors.”  We had a good time hiding behind the tree.

april 26

Hiding behind a tree??  What shenanigans was she up to?


Wednesday, April 25th, 1934
Willy told us today when we were rollerskating that W.B.Z. was the one who Adele Janik wanted to go with.  To best it all he likes her and asked her go!  We got Sandy Claus out of the Falls library and he and his two boyfriends walked home with us as we roller-skated.


april 25.jpeg

Instead of reliving the heart ache, she can’t quite remember it, Babu just corrected a typo I made when Transcribing this passage.  I still can’t figure out what’s up with this “Sandy Claus” kid!


Sunday, April 29th , 1934
I love to dance with Lattie.  She seems to have the same spirit in her as I when dancing. I adore that rhythm of dancing. It does something to me.

april 29




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