March, 1934: Dreams

March was a month for dreaming.  On March 1st she writes about having a dream where her and Zosh were trying on evening gowns and she day dreams about having the chance to know Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, “or at least see them really.”  She also not only day dreams about being bridesmaids at the Falcon’s wedding but also having nice looking boys in the wedding party.

It is her birthday this month and she simultaneously wishes for her party to be a success and wishes her birthday away.    (!!!)  On the day itself she imagines what it was like to open her eyes “upon this upside-down world.”  Something was meant to be, she blew out all her candles at once.

She wishes things as small as her and Jeanette getting out of the house at the same time but explains: small, but not simple.

A dream is granted and a dream denied.  She speaks with W.B.Z. for the first time.  “Imagine, after all these years we spoke.”  She does not get a part in the one -act play and her bubble is burst.


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