Febuary, 1934 Excerpts

Thursday, February 1st, 1934
I stayed up until quarter of twelve reading “Love Lightly.”  It led me on and on, but of course I can’t stay up forever.




Sunday, February 4th, 1934
She flung discretion to the winds.  That’s the way I felt today.  I never enjoyed dancing and Jeanette like I did today.




Monday, February 12th, 1934
The dance went off well and good, but, Diary, don’t faint.  I spent the night in the corridor cause Daddy, by mistake, locked the door.
The cats mewed, I froze, praying for down and a comfortable bed.

Tuesday, February 13th, 1934
I like to play hooky (truant).  Today certainly was a good example of the morning after the night before.  Jeanette and Sophie spent it with me.


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