The Third Week of June, 1935

Teddy tells her she has a swelled head and maybe it’s about her and Caveman, or maybe it’s about her and Jaime, both of whom just don’t seem to be “the one.”  Either way, she is sore at Teddy for telling her so.  Jaime asks her out again and she declines and I guess he can’t help but ask what was wrong about prom night.  I guess it was clear to him as well that she didn’t have a good time, although all that she says is the lie that she did have a great time.

The mood seems to be sour for her this part of the month.  She sees Caveman and they don’t say hello, she breaks her glasses, her mother lectures her about spending too much money and tells her she wont get a bathing suit, and she muses in one passage if she’ll ever have a boyfriend.  She’s down in the dumps.  Poor girl.

There are certainly some spurts of unbridled excitement mixed in with her angsty woes.  Almost all of their books are given back, which must have felt like such a relief, but Miss Fly in the ointment Short is still giving homework “strickly.” She gets her report card back and it is mostly Bs except for an A in English.  And Babu, let me tell you, appreciates good hijinx, even when it’s at the expense of her crush, W.B.Z.  Some so called friends of his filed his bed with pebbles and the legend says he ended up sleeping on them.  She got a good laugh at the fact that a boy wrote his composition about the event!


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