The First Week of June, 1935

What an exciting time.  The closing of a chapter.  She’s graduating.  She has already purchased most of the dresses she needs for her important days, received her ring, her pictures, and she has decided that she wants to go to prom.  All that’s left to do is go to class day, get a date for the prom, and graduate!  When I began reading and transcribing this month I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

June first was class day and everyone look gorgeous and she especially noted W.B.Z. and how he looked in flannel. At class day Jaime asked her to the prom and she said she guesses she shall.

They make excited plans about the banquet and a parish lawn party.  She even turns Jaime down for the “capers” for this lawn party.

She is frustrated in looking for a prom dress and she seems unhappy.  For one, she is severely unhappy with her senior pictures.  For another, her lawn party is postponed due to consistent rain.


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