Third Week of April, 1935

Easter shopping makes one so tired.

I bet she looked dazzlingly all decked out.

A boy from a class they had together the previous year died.  She doesn’t tell us how.

She writes something about Caveman, but I swear, it is in code!

She talks a lot this month about winter weather in April and it seems that these two years are twinning – right down to hail and snow!  Either that or by reading these journals…I’m making it come to life!

She goes to church and writes:

Tonight is the time when they have clerks sing all the lights go out.

It’s things like this that make me want to go to church, not because I believe in man’s ability to enforce religious laws as scripture about something they don’t know anything about…but times when it seems so magical and solemn.  She goes the next morning as well and says that she had a lovely time.

Her proofs came and she writes:

I’m going to have 25 of a smiling one and 11 of the serious.

I don’t know why but sometimes what she writes just makes me giggle!!

Caveman asks her to the “Minstrel” which I’m guessing is a performance and Babu says she’s like to but it’s unclear if she gave him an answer.  She has a perfect way of summing up the awkwardness between the two of them:

The walk wasn’t much of a success because I guess I can’t make conversation and he can’t or won’t.

As I read this I hope she goes with him!  I’m pulling for this little guy!  (Kind of.  🙂

They had visitors for Easter and Babu had a lovely time and felt very pretty all dressed up.  Something happened with Caveman – he wouldn’t speak to her so she says:

I don’t know what’s wrong.  I wouldn’t go to the minstrel show now if he begged me to, which he won’t.

DUDE!!!  I think she was going to go with you.  You have only yourself to blame for this one, I think.


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