Excerpts from March

In my last post I didn’t share all the adorable Babu quotes for March because there were some entire passages that I wanted to share.

Saturday, March 16, 1935
I loved today. I was mostly sun shining and oh so warm. All the kids were out playing. Sophie was in bed because she got an abscess, and had to pull her tooth out. Went to the bowling alley. Teddy said Drobey’s sore cause I don’t smile at him in the morning. Fooey!babuexcerpt

Fooey!  I love it, I love how she writes it.  But trust me, when she tells you FOOEY! it’s no joke.  She’s telling you “Bullshit!”

Wednesday, March 27, 1935
Miss Short says she likes our division, but says it’s the most childish one. Jeanette and I went roller skating. We went to her aunt’s to get a drink of water. Coming down Nonotuck Avenue, she fell trying to make a corner. I didn’t fall. Phew!


…More of Miss Short’s FOOEY!  Watch out lady, there’s a whole blog post dedicated to you coming up!

I love the last part of this excerpt.  As long as she didn’t fall, right?


Sunday, March 31, 1935
I feel good because I put it in good time on my accounting today. Mother slapped me because she said I answered her but I didn’t.  That’s for a time that I did I’ll say.  Felt awful tonight.  Met them coming home and Caveman looked so glum.


She seems to have good perspective.  Hey, I actually didn’t do anything to deserve a slap…this time.

She seems to have true concern for “Caveman.”  I just can’t figure this relationship out!


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  1. barbwit says:

    Love the ‘Fooey.’ I was listening to a talk show in England once, and the panelists were discussing the use of the F word in young people’s language today (or then).The consensus seemed to be that it has become just a word, like ‘like,’ that conversations are peppered with and the moderator said that he had an elderly aunt that could make the hairs rise up on the back of your neck the way she said ‘Bother.” Rather like Babu’s Fooey?

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    1. All in inflection and intent, I guess?

      Liked by 1 person

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