The Fourth Week of 1935

Now that the holidays are over I am back to transcribing and reflecting week by week.  At the end of the month of January, 1935:


She saw “Great Expectations” and mentioned having read the Dickens novel in a magazine.  She really loved to read but I never she how she has the time in 1935 with all the movies she watches and clubs and events she goes to!


She complains that they do nothing at Falcons and a priest teases her and her friend about when they will announce their respective weddings.  He teases her about marring Drobey.  She isn’t pleased with his behavior.  “Some priest!” She says.


They had an awful snowstorm but school the next day was still on and Babu went.


Polvin in typing class told her “It was nice to know someone different.”  But she seemed none too interested.


Her teacher had her read aloud and told her that she has a habit of reading what’s not there.


There is some drama between WBZ and AJ and in a lesser moment, Babu admits it struck her as funny.


She and her mother were fighting over the lost umbrella.  She attempted to simply tell her it was at school but nothing slips by her mother.  In the last week her mother made no fuss and Babu said: “I admire her,” but now she writes:  “She doesn’t speak to me.”  The next day, miraculously, her mother finds the umbrella.


She gets another scolding from both parents about her hanging around with Drobey.  Evidently, they don’t approve but I’m unsure if Babu approves of him and Babu is not quite revealing or remembering.  I wonder what their status truly is at this point.


She fears that some day she will get a good-for-nothing husband.

She writes one sentence at the end of her Friday entry.  “J.S.’s father died.”  And that’s all it says although the name is written out.  This is the first time I have seen that name.



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  1. barbwit says:

    Lovely to have you back on track. Happy New Year. I think because 1935 is my birth year, I’m delighted to read what goes on in real life. Thanks to Babu, too, for keeping a journal. I’ve never succeeded past the first page.


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